Happy Tree Friends on Crunchyroll?! oh god..
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Posted 2/2/15
Are they trying to ruined our beloved anime site by adding a show so violent, killing little cute animals in 100 different ways? I in behalf of subscribers would to get a signed petition from all anime fans who don't want our site be ruined by this title to be remove from Crunchyroll. Yes i do understand we have other things like jdrama and manga but that tittle is being shown with the anime tittles and if you have watched or know about happy tree friends you know that is in the wrong place. I'm subscriber for anime and manga not north america crap. I just hope Crunchy roll will be more careful in selecting the content they're bringing in.
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Posted 2/2/15
Hi there,

Lorreen has reopend your last thread, and it would be nice if you would not make a new thread around the same thing every time a moderator closes it.
As Lorreen explained, CR has gotten HTF as part of a package deal for the streaming rights of several anime titles.

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