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What are some of the most interesting things you done in your life?
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19 / M / Some Basement in NJ
Posted 2/2/15

-I've made some pretty popular mods for games (25000 views was most popular i think
-I can

-I've done some pretty cool school projects (im that guy who will spend days designing a huge project for a 10 point assignment)

-I haven't gone many places, but I want to. I did go to a starcraft event once, that was cool

-I saved my sister from almost dying

-i can play some instruments

Not the most impressive list, but I can promise you in ten years I will make this list longer ^.^
Posted 2/2/15
Whitewater rafting in New Zealand.

I nearly died, but I would definitely do it again.

The instructor lost control of the boat and I had to do Lara croft styled stunt to avoid getting my neck chopped odd by the thick tree boughs, because we were going insanely fast. Literally had to bend backwards 180 degrees for like 10 seconds.

But I didn't complain because I had FUN. I've never felt so alive.

Who knew one could feel alive in the instance of nearly dying.
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28 / F / in my office
Posted 2/2/15
painted murals in lots of places

traveled to Granada, Madrid, Malaga and Paris,

visited the Louvre,(the mona lisa is very small in person) ,EL Museo Reina de Sofia, El Museo de Pablo Picasso (Guernica is very big in person) while i was there oh and also champs de eylsee, and Eiffel tower.

learned Castellano,

i worked for an animal rescue shelter, learned a lot there and took care of lots of wild animals

worked for a veterinarian, learned how to draw blood from a kitten >> scary lol, give shots take vitals, help with surgeries, was one of the cooler jobs i had while in highschool.

learned how paint, draw, airbrush

gotten tattoos, done two tattoos myself, apprenticed for a tattoo artist.

tutored children who were neglected so that they would be able to enter into normal classes not special education. successfully, (they went from not knowing what the color red was, 0 knowledge of letters, numbers, let alone reading writing or math to being able to read, count, add, and write, in half a year seeing them 5 days a week for one hour a day. this was an awesome experience. i can see how being a teacher might actually be pretty rewarding.

got a full ride scholarship to ASU.

ran over my brother with my bike and broke him arm (accidental)

learned how to do graphic art

got really good at water skiing, and wake boarding not good enough to do any tricks though.

learned to ice skate

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Posted 2/3/15
Well, I haven't done much, but I can't say it was boring.

-Created a visual novel game for a high school project
-Flew a plane before learning to drive
-Traveled to the Philippines a couple of times
-Been to Japan, South Korea, and Guam, but never outside the airport
-Started a business on Google Play (not doing so well though)
-Learned to make videos with MMD
-Built several plastic models
-Somehow, in the 5th grade, managed to beat a bunch of 6th graders in a math competition and get first place
-Stayed a week at a Marine Corps base for a JROTC event
-Almost got run over by a bus
-fell down the stairs the same day I almost got run over by a bus
-learned to cook the food I've seen in anime. My signature dish is choco cornets like in Lucky Star.
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27 / M
Posted 2/3/15
eaten polar bear
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23 / M / Fort Myer
Posted 2/3/15
Got to ride in a bradley and assault a mock village.
Got to ride in a humvee and get blown up by a mock IED.
Got blown up by a mock tripwire IED while chasing an insurgent.
Cut a tree in half with a 50 cal.
Crawled 300m with live rounds flying overhead during our nic at night training.
Participated in the Sgt Maj of the Army retirement ceremony.
Conducted numerous funerals in Arlington National Cemetery.
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Posted 2/3/15
Got a floatable, took it to the beach with friends and family, almost drowned using it so lost it being saved when I was 7/8. I'd had it just an hour.

Was on tv at local children's tv program and got picked out to answer a question. Answered correctly and got the prize. Family did record it but it got taped over when football was on (that'd be soccer to those of you in the USA).

Lived in the Caribbean.

Won my school's art contest and the writing contest.

Got a story and poem published in a national children's newspaper and received a prize for it.

Entered a short story contest, didn't win but had a publisher contact me for more when I was 19.

Did a little island hopping in the Caribbean

Joined St. John's Ambulance as a teen

Lost my college group the first day we were in Spain and had a lovely time without them

Helped raise my sisters's children. My niece called me "mummy" and everyone else in the house too until she was 2 and I was a school girl.

I avoid lots of products that others regularly use in their lives as necessary because of severe allergies.

Got knocked down by a car and didn't get a scratch.

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Not happening
Posted 2/3/15 , edited 2/3/15
An old lady hitting on me in the New York underground. That certainly made my trip to New York...memorable.
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31 / M / Central KY.
Posted 2/3/15
• I went to Russia just 2 Years removed from the Cold War on a Religious Missionary trip with My Pastor at Age 6.

• I was Brought up as a Child to prepare all along to be a Physician. 4 Other directly related Members of My Family are or were Physicians.

• I've Bungee Jumped. Horrifying.

• I've driven both a Bugatti, as well as a Lamborghini. I was able to drive the Lambo on 3 occasions, actually. Amazing.

• I've lived on Farms all of My Life. When living with My Parents, THEY Owned the Farm, and when I was Willed My Grandmother's House, as well as Her Land; the Farm...I Live Out here alone, but with Animals, as I did at My Parents Farm.

• I was ONE letter away from going to the National Spelling Bee when I was in whichever Grade that was. I beat Out this Other competitor; He went on Junior Jeopardy. I ruined Him. And then, it's down to Me and this little Indian Girl; My Word is "Sorrowful"...I SWEAR to THIS DAY, I thought I said the "W"...Evidently not. To lose at State Level with a trip to Washington, D.C. and the Nationals on the line on a Word as simplistic as that...Gahd. It haunts Me to this Day.

• I've given a speech regarding certain instances and concerns the Youths of Kentucky have, and have Compiled in literary form. I memorized 8 pages; Front and Back, in a 7 Hour time period. The speech was given in front of a Crowd of 12,000+ People at the Governors Mansion in Frankfort, Kentucky. I Ended up winning all sorts of Honors, not just for Myself...But also for the High School.

• Was Valedictorian in High School. I started My 6th Year of Medical School with My Residency beginning in April...My Grades are among the best in the Eastern side of the United States. I've still got QUITE a long way to go, as I am pursuing double Doctorates. Psychiatry, first and foremost, as well as the Medical Practice of Osteopathy. Therefore, I can also be a Physician who can Work in an Emergency Room. My Father is a D.O...My MOTHER'S Father doubled in Psychiatry and Neurology...THAT'S what I had PLANNED at first to do...But it's SO taxing...SO difficult. Not saying I COULDN'T do it, it's just that...At the rate I'm going, late 2020 to early 2021 is when I am on track to Graduate. And My Grades...I'm shooting for the BEST of the BEST; "Summa cum Laude" in BOTH Doctorates, and...Looking down the Road - 3 Years or so into actually having been Working in My Own Practice, I plan on returning and becoming a Professor. I've already put down My desires, and spoke to the Dean of the Medical Department. They said that would be, "Wonderful, wonderful!"

• Hmmmmm. Well, I've went since 8th Grade without a Cell-Phone of ANY kind! That sure and certainly is among Today's "rarities!"

• For the last almost 9 Years since I developed certain Personal troubles with My Bladder, since then I maybe drink a Carbonated beverage ONCE a Month. I refuse to Drink ANYTHING else but Bottled Water. I, Personally...You know how on that Brita Commercial, it says that every Day Americans drink enough Bottled Water that they would stretch around the Planet however so many times, Ya know? Well, ME Personally, since 2006 when these troubles developed, I alone have probably drank enough that would stretch around the Planet! I mean, I go through 6 25 count cases of either Dasani, or Crystal H20...That's the bargain Brand, but Hey! It's JUST as tasty as Dasani! Aquafina, Deer Park, and Nestle's Bottled Waters are DISGUSTING!

• Lets make this the last One. Hmmmmmmmmmm. I didn't know whether to EVER mention this on here or not. What the Hell. But as every Other City, My Town has a Lodge. I was tapped as a "continuance" of My Grandfather's a Mason. I am still what We entitled as an "Entered Apprentice" to the Lodge and as a Human - an Individual determined by a group of His Peers that had to first be recommended by 3 Current Members, and as WELL determine the Lodge as a whole's majority decision. My Grandfather - speaking of the One on My Mother's side...I mentioned above, He was the Psychiatrist/Neurosurgeon...He served valiantly during His time as a member of the siege Troops...Those who fought Hand to Hand with the Enemy. He is credited Single handedly during an Evening in which the Full Moon was Out that having received Information that a Group of Japanese Soldiers was in the Area His Platoon was Camped...Not even 100 Yards away...He was Writing a Letter to My Grandmother - His Wife...Suddenly there was a Flare that was said to have streaked across the Sky not far from the Encampment, and from where the Japanese unit; it turned Out there was 16 of them sneaking in approach to attack His Platoon while they were Resting. He told Me that was the first they had Slept more than 30 minutes in close to 3 Weeks. Somehow, the Japanese Soldiers were informed of this...Well, My Grandfather...He was NOT a BIG, built, muscular Man...But, He was a Genius, literally. He was about to Single handedly, with absolutely NO backup...and He told Me that He wasn't GOING to ask for any backup regardless. He was either going to clear Out these Enemies who had no sight of Him, as He darted back...Out, and further behind the Encampment. They never knew Anyone was Out moving...They thought the entire Platoon was Sleeping. With the issued M3, He was able to Kill 7 Men within 12 seconds or so. He was an amazing Shot...See, He had Studied Medicine before going to the War...Therefore, He knew if You're in My range, You're either getting 2 right in Your Heart, or 2 in Your Head. So of course His cover was blown. However, He had taken 4 of the Other Men's Weapons as well as Ammunition and kept them on standby to lock and Reload ASAP. He told Me He darted between the Trees...Said He through His Pack knife towards where 2 of them were standing to confuse them...All it takes is ONE mistake...ONE underestimation, or simply not moving with the Reflexes needed to survive in such situation. He threw the Knife at the ground...Simply to make them wonder what that was all about for a Second. And that's all it took. 5 shots fired, 4 Headshots on the 2 Japs, and One He said it was His first wasted Ammo...During this skirmish at least, not altogether, heh. So You've still got 6 Men...FINALLY, He lost sight of One of them. He said the Man was carrying an Automatic, but He came at My Grandfather from behind with His Knife. Pierced His shoulder deep...But HERE is what Shows just how badass My Pappaw was. With that very Shoulder that just got ran through, He simply spun on His feet to the "backwards-left" connecting upon the Japanese Soldier right in His chin with the very Shoulder that got ravaged. He didn't have time to think, or Worry about any type of Pain. He said, I'm either going to take care of this for My Friends; My Platoon...or I'm going to give My Life for them trying. The Jap fell - quickly, the M3 was pushed toward to ground where the Japanese was getting back to His feet. NOT FAST ENOUGH. 1 shot, 1 Kill. By this time, the Platoon had heard all this, and had NO idea what was going on...They called Out to the Other tent..."GUY! Where are You, Coleman!" He said during His time over there, He used a specific whistle sound to identify Himself. So He heard His Buddies calling Out to Him...And the Platoon Squadron Leader immediately recognized the Whistle that He sounded. Pappaw took down ANOTHER Japanese Soldier with the M3, bringing His total Kills in THIS situation to 12! When the Men awoke and ran Out to their Posts, the Other 4 were Shot down...One was taken Alive back to Reconnaissance; He was a COOK for the Japanese Army, but He TOO was a Soldier. You may be thinking, "Why the HELL would they worry about taking a COOK of all People?" It's simple. Having this position, He was to BRING the Food to the Others...This included bringing Meals to those of the Japanese Army and such of quite High Rankings. So...It's brilliant! He would have been privy to this Info because He would bring Meals very diligently, and with the aesthetic and "grace" those of High Rank and beyond wrought as a Code, completely of how those not only as a Soldier...but also, simply as a Japanese citizen...A code of Honor, Rules, and Beliefs...So back to the point - Ahhhh, I get goosebumps EVERY time I speak about this! For My Grandfather's actions that the Middle of a a foreign Land...My Pappaw came prepared. And when I think of the HONOR...He was willing to take Out ALL 16 of the Enemy Troops, BY HIMSELF...Simply because He wanted His Buddies to be able to get some Rest...He was willing to either succeed, or Die trying. That makes My lip quiver and tears dot My eyes...If only People had that type of HONOR and LOYALTY to their fellow Man these Days...But, We don't. And that's why it always seems like Our Generation has gone, as they say, "to Hell in a hand-basket". For His Actions, He was awarded both the Distinguished Service Cross, as well as the Silver Star, and of course the Purple Heart. I have all of His Medals put up in My Gun safe. The Distinguished Service Cross is something that I cherish...I don't even feel worthy to touch it. The last Years of My Grandfather's Life, He Lived with Glaucoma rendering Him totally Blind...He was such an INCREDIBLE Artist; that was what He sought escape in from the horrors that Haunted Him when He came back Home after the War...My Father told Me of many different Nights that He would be called to come over to their House as quick as He could and help My Pappaw...He said that He could see their Faces...They were coming for Him...All in all He killed with actual counted KIA's, 29 Japanese Soldiers with the M3...7 He killed HAND to HAND...Slitting their throats...and COUNTLESS numbers with the mounted Gatling's He would help Man. But for those who don't know, the D.S.C. medal is the second Highest Honors One can receive in the US Armed Forces. And the S. Star medal is the 3rd Highest Honor of recognition in the Army.

The following is from Wikipedia describing the Criteria needed to obtain the D.S.C.

• The Distinguished Service Cross is awarded to a person who, while serving in any capacity with the Army, distinguishes himself or herself by extraordinary heroism not justifying the award of a Medal of Honor; while engaged in an action against an enemy of the United States; while engaged in military operations involving conflict with an opposing/foreign force; or while serving with friendly foreign forces engaged in an armed conflict against an opposing Armed Force in which the United States is not a belligerent party. The act or acts of heroism must have been so notable and have involved risk of life so extraordinary as to set the individual apart from his or her comrades.

...Amazing. Heh...Sorry I "KINDA" got off Topic! But Yes...that's basically all else I can say - Recognize that I WAS and AM still My Pappaw, Bless His Soul - He's been gone since 2006...That I was His favorite Grandson. They know of My Community Work that I have done for the local Lions Club and Chamber of Commerce at the City Building...In effect, He being as High in the Order as He was...While I can't be SURE...But I figure He HAD to tell the Lodge as a whole about Me. And I am His replacement. Nothing more, nothing less.

Great Thread!
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F / Edo
Posted 2/3/15
- I have been a school mascot before.
- I was attacked/ambushed by various animals (birds, chickens, cats, etc.)
-I used a chain saw before (it was for a class)
- I traveled to five states in a week.
- I almost drown at a water park (never going there again)
- I have ridden a horse.
- I have been in a car accident.
- I rode a mechanical bull (my uncle made me)
- I have been to the white house.
- I go stuck on a theme park ride.
- I torn my hamstring (stupid hurdles)
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29 / M / Seattle
Posted 2/3/15
I shot a guy in the ass when I was in Iraq, thats about it. The dude didn't die
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27 / F / United States
Posted 2/3/15
-Been bucked off 3 horses
-Got to see Fantasia's horses practice before they performed then they let me and my two friends ride with them
- Broke a rib from a horse falling on me and still rode in a lesson afterwards
- Galloped a horse
- Bred and then birthed a mare....the foal survived and is living healthy
- Collected semen from a stud
-Had a teacher accidentally spill semen on me when she was pouring it into a test tube.
-Raised my grade because a girl chickened out when the stud was going nuts and she wouldn't clean his penis before a I did it
-Got an A in leadership in practicum
-Rode a cow....successfully
-A llama spat on me...and I survived
- Rode a mechanical bull, unsuccessfully
-Beat up my high school's wrestler when he was bullying me
-I was the only Alto to make Soprano II/Soprano I section
- Got to sing with the Blues Brothers (not the real ones but the ones that played in the Disney parks) when i was 6
- Sat with the airplane pilots when I was six when we were headed to disney land
-Performed on stage at disney land (apparently I was really lucky during this trip)
- Dragged race a saturn and beat a vibe (vibe is better powered than my saturn I really shouldn't be proud but I am of that)
-Dragged raced a Ford F-150
-Caught a squirrel using an ATV helmet
- sold my car to a junkyard and just after he wrote me a check, it caught on fire and they had to put it out. He still sold me the car for the same amount since it was for scrap.
- Drove 3 cars that have caught on fire
- Been in 3 accidents that have not been 'legally' my fault
- Ditched a car (did not call for help) but still had 2 fire trucks and 3 ambulances plus 2 officers come to my aid. This was a good 80 miles away from my home town and one of the officers was a friend of the family and didn't realize it was me until he saw me.
-Flirted with the chainsaw guy in a haunted house for fun...He flirted back.
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31 / M / Center-of-US
Posted 2/3/15
-almost drowned in middle of lake
-represented a client in court
-dressed as a female for Halloween (including leg shaving, which was such a hassle, but my legs did look really good)
-negotiated a bunch of $$$ for yet another round of school, then bailed after 1 year (lol)
-moved halfway across the country with no job or apt prospects, no contacts, and little savings
-working on AI with a sophisticated "forgetting" algorithm so that the memory doesn't fill up

funny thing is, I'm a relatively boring person
Posted 2/4/15
- I was born in America while my dad was working there.
- Lived in Tokyo for 7 years with my parents and 4 fours while I was in college.
- Played baseball for 12 years.
- Went to prestigious high school in my prefecture with baseball commitment.
- I joined Johnny's and Associates but my parents thought I wouldn't be successful in entertainment field and my uncle had a spot ready for me in senior league team he coached, so I quit the agency in 2 months. At least I was in, so it does mean I'm certified handsome boy, right?
- After I pitched my first career shut out game in senior league, so many cute girls were shouting, "Kyaa!!! [name]-kun!!!" Wow! I should have picked up one or two cute girls from my "fans" so I wouldn't have been a single man.
- My high school made it to Koshien(National High school Baseball tournament in Japan) in my 1st year although I did not participate in the game.
- Went to college in Tokyo.
- After graduating college, I was a NEET for three months before my dad found me a job in California through his connection. (There was no job opportunity in my hometown, unfortunately.)
- Currently in training for this firm, which is unrelated to my field but I enjoy the job.
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F / Boston-ish
Posted 3/21/15
Closed because OP nuked.
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