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Posted 2/2/15
This is a game where wits and knowledge come last!! So basically, you ask a question or something and the person below will answer however they want (you can be as silly, witless, stupid as you want, or serious and smartass, or just simply random) and leave a question for the person below you.

Lock if duplicate

Person 1: why is the sky blue?

Person 2: because it's not green!

Where was Barack Obama born?

Person 3: in the hospital!

Twinkle, twinkle little _______?

Person 4: Edward Cullen!

When will the world end?

And so on...
Aight, I'll start..

Fill in the blanks: Harry Potter and the _______?

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Posted 9/16/16
Harry Potter and the Ruthless Persecution of a Poor Noseless Old Man and His Friendly Pet Snake

Why do I have irregular bowel movements???!?

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