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How do you judge anime?
Posted 2/5/15
based on personal enjoyment.
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Posted 2/6/15
I judge anime based on characters, if the characters bore me then the series is boring.
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F / California
Posted 2/6/15
I judge the story and the plot...

I'm not really great at judging animation, but I have my preferences, not really a fan of Kill la Kill animation, and also I'm not really a fan of CG animated people. It's not quite there yet IMO, Love Live & Kancolle.
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36 / M / The IshVille
Posted 2/6/15
I've seen so many animes of different types, animation styles, plots, pacing, etc... I've come to a very simple formula after all these years:

Episode 1:
Was it good? Keep watching.
Did it suck? Give it one more episode.

Episode 2:
Does it still suck? Dump it.

Mid Series:
Is it still good? Finish it.
Does it suck now? Dump it.

That's it.

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25 / F / Earth. Las Vegas,...
Posted 2/6/15 , edited 2/6/15
I'm kind of picky to be honest. I just look up the show and if it seems intersting to me I will give it a shot. I'm more into Animes that are inbetween genres of Death Note and Tokyo Ghoul. Odd art/Characters/Creatures/ etc, are a no - no for me.
Posted 2/6/15
Well as long as the Anime has some really good Action and some sort of Romance I'm Satisfy .. Something along the line like Saint Seiya Omega, Yona of the Dawn, Inu x Boku ss or Blue Exorcist ..Those are my perfect Examples of Great Anime ..
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28 / M / FL
Posted 2/6/15
If I like the Anime then that's all that matters. I love Full Metal Alchemist to no end but I also love Queen's Blade. Obviously FMA is better than QB but my point is if I like the anime then nothing else matters. Like someone else said, Its based on personal enjoyment.
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21 / F / Academy City
Posted 2/8/15

Series5Ranger wrote:

Am I enjoying it? yes or no?

Agreed. I also use this for video games.
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28 / M / In Your Waifu
Posted 2/26/15 , edited 2/26/15
Episode 1: Did the story grab me, or give way for something more? Yes, go on.

Episode 2: Am I still entertained? Yes, go on.

Episode 3: Is there more to the cast? Yes, the series will be added, 3 is where most things get dropped, sometimes up to episode 5 if I see potential.

This only pertains to shows I am going blind into and want something to watch. While for other shows which "I have to see" so I have some basis to talk to the fans, I watch enough until I am either sick of it or get the over arcing plot/character motives, but that might not be good enough for the fanatics who worship it, I hate those people.
Posted 2/26/15
originality... in stories, dialogues and characters. originality in character designs... i really like Free! and HunterxHunter character designs... because they have like... a unique feel to it... it feels like it's never been done before... it's like one style unique to that series instead of like templated characters designs. and in some anime... the base for the female... is exactly the same as the base for the male... which gets really awkward lol... make them have different eye shapes or eyes size at least...

humour.. i have a soft spot for humorous anime... i think the only comedy-oriented anime i didn't enjoy was hozuki no reitetsu... maybe the humour got lost in translations. but other than that, i have been able to enjoy almost all anime that are comedy-oriented. humour in serious anime i can also enjoy if done right. it shouldn't be forced or like characters make a joke immediately after a serious scene lol... that just feels wrong.

music... is a really important element in any anime. like the music playing over this black+white scene in HxH was perfect; it captured the emotions of the scenes.... really pulled at my heartstrings.

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20 / M / Cali
Posted 2/26/15
Art work.
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こ ~ じ ~ か
Posted 2/26/15
Is the premise interesting?
Have I seen this show before?
> If I have, is this version any better than what came before?
Were my expectations met?
Does it do something particularly well?
Was I disappointed in anything?
Am I enjoying it?
Would I rewatch it?

If (and only if) the last answer is a yes, it goes on my buy list.

So, to use a popular comparison going on now--

Strike Witches vs. KanColle:

Premise interest: Yes/Yes (hey, cute mecha musume)
Have I seen this before? Sort of / Yes
> Is KanColle better than Sky Girls or Strike Witches? No. KanColle as yet has no points where it is superior to Strike Witches.
Were my expectations met? Yes / No. I expected Strike Witches on the water, and got Generic High School Girls who occasionally turn into mecha musume to fight Neuroi on the water..
Does it do something particularly well: PANTSU! / Er....not really, no.
Was I disappointed in anything: Strike Witches seriously missed a trick with the Humanoid Neuroi. They really could've gone somewhere with that one. / Disappointed that KanColle, lacking any other points of superiority, doesn't even offer ecchi as a saving grace.
Am I enjoying it? YES I did / Meh.
Would I rewatch: Definitely / No.

I might keep watching KanColle, might as well as there's not much I'm watching this season anyway. Unless something changes, I won't be buying dvds. On the other hand, I have both seasons of Strike Witches in my collection now.
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25 / M / Denmark
Posted 2/26/15
If I know that there's going to a lot of fan service, then that show is out. Other than that, it really just comes down to whether I am enjoying myself or not. The biggest factor is the characters. If I like the characters, then I can forgive (or just not notice) a lot of shortcomings with the show.
Posted 2/27/15 , edited 2/27/15
Am I enjoying it?
Do I want to keep watching?
Is the Fan Service too much / detracting from the story?
Are there any bad bits I noticed while watching?

My scores are done like this:
My Ratings:
Watched up to: Episode X
Animation: What I think of the animation
Story: What I think of the story
Music: What I think of the music
Fan Service: None = None. Low = Nothing major / constant. Medium = Boob shots, topless males, nakedness etc.. (no nudity) High = Can't go 30 seconds without some Fan Service (no nudity). Extreme = High + Nudity.
Would I Recommend: Sorta obvious lol
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22 / M / Texas
Posted 2/27/15
If I dont fall asleep when I'm watching then it's a ok!
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