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Posted 2/3/15
It's been a looooooooong time since I made a thread on here lol so bear with me ^^"

Okay, so, I started an anime club at my university last semester and it went pretty smoothly for the most part. I'm the president and I've been learning on how to run things since I'm new to being the president of a club (I'm also president of the art club). This semester I've been putting into place some rules and such that will keep the club orderly and so that nothing goes out of control. But I am having problems with members, specifically one, who thinks me and my friend (who is basically the member who's position is to keep everyone in order and resolves any fighting or arguments between other members) are taking charge too much and that aren't letting anyone have any freedom in the club.

I can safely say that I have NOT been overly bearing and strict on anyone. The way I see it is, even when I ask everyone for their ideas or opinions no one really speaks up and then me and my friend gets blamed for ruling too much and not hearing them out. We've talked to this specific member before but we just keep having problems my friend is going to get together with him and talk to him about it since that is her job to keep the peace in the club and get to the bottom of the problems, though he has done this before.

Basically, I just want to know what your guy's opinion is and what you think I should do. Any advice is much appreciated!!!
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Posted 2/3/15
Do you happen to have a number of active participants in the club? Meaning that others in the club (with the exception of your enforcer friend) are actively working with the collective whole to provide new ideas, thoughts, and other constructive bits? It may be that this particular club member is simply expecting to get his way with everything (enter the Entitlement Generation) and struggles with authority. One way to possibly combat this rather boorish-sounding individual is to cultivate the rest of the group and focus less on him.

Possibly something akin to a round-robin where you select a member or series of members to come up with an idea, then after their particular activity / show / episode / etc. has run its course, it moves on to the next member/group. This can bring out more thoughts and/or ideas from other members while they are seen to be actively participating and you are not being over-bearing or strict. From there you can gauge the particularly troublesome club-member's reaction and decide whether it is that he has an issue with the way you run things, or is just wanting to get his way to watch/do his own thing. Pending on how that works out, corrective action may be take.

Or, if it works out and he suddenly drops all issues, well, that's a good thing, since you'll have learned to manage in a way that placates the masses while driving interest into different points of view.
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Posted 2/3/15

My suggestion would be to make sure that you have an agreed upon protocol for how meetings/screenings operate. Make sure to include the process for how shows are chosen (voting by members, selection my officers/committee), screened (one episode, many shows/screening, batches of episodes, breaks for discussion, all-in-a-row, etc.), and any other pertinent activities the club runs (and membership rules, if applicable). Also, make sure that officers (President, V.P., Secretary, Treasurer, any added officers) are defined, and their roles for both screenings and club operations are clearly detailed, as well as how and when they are elected.

For example, the anime club I was in at college had two showings/week, and one episode of each series that had been voted in by active (due-paying) members at the beginning of each semester. Anyone could submit shows, but the hand votes were counted and a schedule created by the secretary (he would do his best to make sure series people wanted to watch would best fit their schedule). The president, vice president, and treasurer would make sure the club continued operating normally (room reservations, dues collected, etc.). At the end of the spring semester, officers were elected for the fall (and loosely summer) semester(s).

Create the document through open discussions, where everyone can have a say, but decide beforehand how to ratify it (secret or open voting, simple or supermajority). If your university has a framework for on-campus organizations, like a student union, I'd highly recommend consulting with them before going through with the above to make sure you're following their guidelines. If they have a copy of your finalized document on file, it can also help with any disputes that may crop up in the future. If you can find a faculty adviser who, though they may not have an active interest in anime, understands why you guys are meeting/organizing, they can also be a great resource.

This might sound like a lot of work, but it's going to make things easier in the long run. Even if you manage to get this one guy to stop being disruptive, that doesn't mean you won't get someone else in three months time, or even several years down the road, when you and all the other current members have (hopefully) moved on from college.

Hopefully, some of that's helpful, but if you have any questions, feel free to quote me to get my attention, or just PM me.
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Posted 1/15/17
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