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Chapter 1-The clock work world
Colorful skyscrapers reached for the bright clear sky above Akihabara. The smell of pancakes drifted through the air. In the middle of the path was a young, cute Japanese girl with a baby face and pure white hair that was curled and split in half by two pink hair-ties in high twin tails , causing it to reach just her waist was standing in the middle of the path. Her height was 159 cm tall. A full fringe covered her forehead, laying just above her eyes. Her right eye was violet and her left eye was pastel pink. A pale pink bow was on the side of her head. Her outfit consisted of a maid styled uniform. The dress consisted of a black high waist suspender skirt that had four large pink buttons near the top. Along the hem of the skirt was a pale pink stitched line. Over most of the skirt was a short,white apron with pale pink going along the bottom and pockets which had the cafe's logo printed on. Her phone was resting in her pocket with a pink My Melody small plushie keychain hanging out as well as a small Love Live anime badge which was on the corner of the pocket. Under the skirt was a short sleeved blouse with black and pink along the cuffs. A pink bow hanged down in-between the collar with a small heart shaped gem in the middle.Her legs were covered by a pair of pastel pink and white stripped thigh high socks and low white heels with a bow on the strap. "Today our magic bubble tea is on offer, for only 200 yen," she commented in a warm,soft, cute voice .A Jpop song was playing in the background from the tall Don Quijote building behind her which had a sign outside with "At home cafe" written in pink bubble writing with a picture of her and two other girls. The paths only had a couple of people walking up and down who were focused on their conversations. A paper lantern suddenly jumped down from a nearby tree. One blood-shot eyes were on the front of the white lantern along with a opened mouth with a long tong popping out. "A Chochin-obake?" she mumbled to herself as she watched the lantern float around. "Kuro-chan!" a female voice called from behind her. Standing behind her was a girl with shoulder length brown hair tied up in a side pony tail with a side fringe who was wearing the same uniform however had a blue where it was pink on her's,a red beaded bracelet around both of her wrists, thin black tights with dark black spots and two inch high red heels. "Maya-chan!" Kuro blushed. "How are you wearing socks? It's like 5°C out here," Watanabe shivered, tightening the red hair tie with white dots and bunny ears on. "I'm okay," Kuro smiled. "Anyway its time to swap," she remembered. "Okay," Kuro nodded. On the fifth floor of the building was a maid cafe.
A faint smell of incense candles drifted across the air while quite music from anime were playing out from the white speakers.Inside was four more maids and a few customers. Two customers walked towards the door. Kuro smiled as she lightly bowed. "Bye-bye," she smiled. "She's really cute!" the customer whispered as they walked out of the cafe. A few hours later the cafe closed for half an hour before the late shift started. Maya and Kuro both went to get changed. Maya changed into a simple pair of jeans, a short sleeved top which was Sailor moon themed and a Jacket from the anime 'Free'. Kuro had changed into a short pink dress from the Japanese brand Lapafait and a fluffy pink jacket with cat ears on the hood.
"I'm going to meet up with Umi-san, do you want to come?" Maya offered as they left the cafe. "It's okay, I should get home anyway. Have fun," Kuro smiled. "If your sure," Maya sighed, swinging her school bag over her shoulder. "See you tomorrow," Maya waved. "Bye-bye," Kuro smiled, waving her arms in the air before spinning around and heading to the station. "Just made it," she smiled, quickly jumping up the step leading to the train. All the seats were taken however there was only a few people standing up. A Kyary Kyary Pamyu advert begun playing on the mini screen above the train doors as Kuro leaned against the banister, pulling her mint and pink Swimmer Candy headphones over her ears. Kpop started to lightly play as she looked out the moving trains window. Standing opposite her was a tall Chinese man with short black hair with dark red highlights. He glanced up at her before grinning. "So cold," she sighed as she existed the train station. As she walked down an thin pedestrian only street, far away from the station, no one else was around. A shadow walked behind her. "Am I being followed?" she said to herself as she pulled down her headphones and started to walk quicker. A hand suddenly grabbed her arm. As she turned around, no one was there. "So your the Princess," a voice commented from behind her, making her jump. Turning around, she saw the man from the train. "Y-You have the wrong person," she mumbled, stepping backwards. His eyes flashed black. "So you have no idea? That makes it even better," he grinned, pulling something out from behind him. Moonlight reflected on it, reveling a giant pair of scissors in his hand. She quickly kicked him in the shin before running of. "Pathetic kid," he sighed once the pain disappeared. He kicked her forwards, causing her to land against the pair of scissors sticking out of the wall. Blood dripped down from her arm. A crescent moon shaped shadow appeared on the wall behind her. Frost slowly covered the ground underneath her. "Your powers huh?" he grinned, gripping onto her check which caused her to flinch."Get away from her!" a male voice demanded. A 175 cm tall Korean boy with dark red hair in an Korean undercut style with his fringe on the right side of his face and dark purple eyes came running around the corner.
He punched his hand. Suddenly, blood dropped down. "Your bleeding!" Kuro panicked. "I'll be okay," he responded, moving his hand away. Blood spurt out, forming in the shape of a sword with jagged edges.His eyes started to faintly glow as he rushed forwards. The demon rushed forwards, going to stab him with the scissors however the boy dodged out of the way. He kicked the demon's legs, knocking him down. "Princess, are you okay?" he asked, dodging out of the way. "I'm okay," she mumbled, gripping onto the edges of her sleeves. "The names Shin Peniel, I'm an Ace," he responded, dodging once again before kicking the demon down. "Mashiro Kuro," she mumbled. "Okay, don't worry Kuro, the others are almost here," he smiled, rushing towards the demon who dodged. "Others?" she repeated. "Sorry I'm late," another male voice called. Lighting bounced of the ways, causing Kuro to flinch. A 176 cm tall Korean boy with short wavy light brown hair with his fringe almost covering his left eye and dark purple eyes, ran around the corner.
"Are you okay?" the Korean boy asked. Kuro nodded. "My name is Jung Ilhoon," he remembered. "Great, more Aces," the demon sighed, stepping forwards. Chains suddenly wrapped around Peniel and IIhoon, knocking them down to the ground. "I have to help," Kuro mumbled. "Don't worry," a voice reasured from behind her. Looking up, she saw a 173cm tall Korean boy with bright red hair and dark red eyes.
"I'm Lee Minhyuk," he smiled, patting her on the head as he walked past. As he held out his hand, a bright red sparkling flame appeared. Sparkles flew out, turning into a black SIG PRO AUTOMATIC gun with a red flame printed on the side. He grinned before rushing forwards. "He's just trying to impress you," a voice sighed from next to her, making her jump. A 180 cm tall Korean boy with short neat jet black hair and dark grey eyes stood next to her. He smiled as she looked up at him.
"I'm Yook Sungjae," he winked. "Mashiro Kuro," she blushed. "Your arms still bleeding," he sighed, noticing the blood. "I'll be okay," she mumbled, gripping onto the cut.A hand suddenly grabbed Kuro's, pulling her around, pressing her against their chest. The faint smell of watermelons drifted through the air. "Are you okay?" a male voice asked. Kuro's faced bright red as she nodded. Looking up, she saw a 173 cm tall Korean boy with bleach blonde hair and dark blue eyes standing there.
"T-To close," she blushed, looking to the side. "Ah, right, sorry," he apologized, moving his arms away from her. She quickly stepped backwards. "Seo Eunkwang," he added. "She's Kuro," IIhoon shouted, dodging out of the way of the hair. "Cute name," Eunkwang smiled, causing Kuro's checks to blush. "Be back in a minute," he added before running over to the others. A SIG PRO AUTOMATIC suddenly appeared next to his hand. Playing cards suddenly fell down from behind him as he grabbed the gun. Bubbles of water suddenly appeared in the air as a 177 cm tall Korean boy with chin length brown hair and dark blue eyes ran around the corner.
"I'm Lee Changsub," he smiled before helping Eunkwang. Kuro stepped backwards, slipping on the ground. THUD.A warm hand went down on Kuro's shoulder. "Don't worry," a male voice reasured. A 177 cm tall Korean boy with light green hair walked out from behind her.His dark green eyes focused on hers.
"I'm Lim Hyunsik," he introduced. "Mashiro Kuro," Kuro shyly mumbled. He glanced at the blood before patting her on the head. "Don't worry," he reasured. Strawberry vines grew out of the ground around Sungjae. "I need to help them," Kuro cried.

Her legs felt weak as she sat down on her knees."Are you okay?" Minhyuk asked, crouching down in-front of her."Its probably due it being the first time you used your powers," Eunkwang added."W-What is happening?" she mumbled, looking up at him. "We probably shouldn't talk about it here," Hyunsik reminded. "Do you live around here?" Minhyuk asked, watching Kuro nod. Peniel helped her stand up. "Do you want me to carry you?" Hyunsik offered, running over to them. "I'll be okay," she mumbled. Peniel wrapped his arm around her shoulder, helping her walk. "This is where you live?" IIhoon asked, looking up at the small stack of apartments.Around the corner of the apartment door was the door leading to Kuro's room which was filled with cute plushies and racks of clothes. On the right wall of her room were my melody storage boxes which were filled with accessories and more clothes. Her bed was covered in a pink floral duvet and the window behind her bed was covered in a pink curtain. Near the bed was a black flatscreen tv. In the left corner of her room was a opened wardrobe packed with pastel clothes. Kuro sat down on the edge of her bed. "Do you have any bandages?" Sungjae asked. "In the kitchen. In one of the cupboards. I'll get it," Kuro blushed, going to stand up however Peniel pushed her back down onto the bed. "You shouldn't walk," he reminded. "I'll get it," Minhyuk added before running of. IIhoon sat down next to her, picking up a My melody plushie. "For starters, we're your Aces, we're meant to protect you," Sungjae informed. "So don't worry, you can trust us," Changsub nodded. Minhyuk crouched down in-front of her, starting to wipe antiseptic wipes against the cuts which caused her to flinch. Eunkwang pulled her white i-phone 4, which was covered in a pink my melody phone case out of her pocket before started to type. "If you need anything just call," he added before handing the phone to Hyunsik who started to type. IIhoon noticed tears forming in the corner of her eyes. "I presume she said you were a Shinigami Princess?" Hyunsik guessed, watching her nod before pacing the phone to Changsub. Once everyone had finished typing in their numbers, Minhyuk passed Kuro her phone back. "Aren't your girlfriends going to misunderstand if I ever call?" Kuro mumbled. "We're all single," Minhyuk stated. "And straight," Hyunsik added. "Why did you add that in?" she blushed, hiding her face behind a pillow. "You were going to ask about boyfriends," Eunkwang guessed, watching Kuro nod. "Anyway we should leave you to get some rest, will you be okay?" Minhyuk asked, sounding worried. "I'll be okay, thank you for saving me," she blushed, lightly bowing her head. "It's okay, don't worry about it," IIhoon smiled, wiping away the tear that started rolling down her check, causing her to look up at him. He winked before stretching. Peniel ruffled Kuro's hair before standing up. "I'm going to stay for a bit, to make her something to eat," Peniel stated, glancing down into her eyes. "Huh? Why?" Sungjae complained. Peniel ruffled his hand through the back of his hair. "We'll leave you two to it then," Eunkwang sighed. "Sweet dreams," Hyunsik waved before leaving the room. "Thanks again for saving me!" Kuro blushed. "No problem," Sungjae smiled, waving and following the others out of the room. Peniel sighed as he crouched down in-front of her. "You know you don't have to hold back the tears," he started. "I'm okay," she mumbled, rubbing her eyes. Tears rolled down her checks. He wrapped his arm around her shoulder, pulling her closer to him. "Sorry...." she mumbled, looking down. Peniel lightly lifted her head up. He wiped the tears away from her checks. "It's okay, finding all that out in one day is too much to handle," he started, watching her nod."Let's watch TV," he commented, wanting to cheer her up. Wolf Girl and Black Prince was playing. "Still happy that we get anime on TV, compared to in Korea where its all music shows and dramas," Peniel smiled. "How long have you lived in Japan?" Kuro mumbled. "2012, we were taught Japanese back at school though," he responded. "And you fight really well, your amazing," Kuro sighed, leaning against his arm. "I'm not the amazing one out of the two of us," he smiled, patting her on the head. Her checks blushed as she glanced up at him. After watching a couple of episodes from different anime series, he left her to get some rest. "So seven guys?" Maya sighed the next day at the cafe as she fixed her fringe. Kuro awkwardly nodded. "And being a shinigami..." Maya sighed. "Do you believe me?" Kuro mumbled. Her best friend paused for a moment before responding. "You've always had weird eyes and white hair, it makes sense if you think about it," Maya stated. "Can I have another black tea?" a woman cosplaying as an anime character requested from her table. "Coming!" Maya grinned, rushing over to the table. On the way to Akihabara station, an arcade caught her attention. A sanrio jewelpet UFO catcher stood out.
A smile popped onto her face as she noticed the white rabbit character named Ruby. "Jewel-pets, huh?" Sungjae's voice commented behind her. As she looked up, she saw him leaning over her."Sungjae!" she smiled. His outfit consisted of a simple pair of jeans and a light grey hoodie. His hair was slightly messy as if he had just gone running. He smiled as they exchanged glances. "She's my favorite character but Iv'e lost three times so far," she nodded. "It's the rabbit, right?" he guessed, watching her nod. "Leave it to me," he smiled, patting her on the head as he grabbed a-hold of the joy-stick. Thirty seconds later the claw dropped a Ruby and a Labra plushie into the Prize bin. Sungjae grinned as he picked them up before pacing them to Kuro. "Thank you!" she beamed. "Good to finally see you smiling," he grinned, causing Kuro's checks to blush. "Sorry, I didn't know how to react then," she admitted, looking down at the plushies. "That was a lot of information you found out, its understandable how that was too much," he reminded. "Anyway it means I can help people, right?" she blushed, glancing up at him. "Of course, our little Princess," he grinned, ruffling her hair. The next day. Kuro and another maid who had short blonde hair and was wearing a maid uniform but with red bows and decorations as well as a strawberry shaped hair clip. "Hi-Hi. I'm Vanilla the Princess from Planet strawberry!" the other maid greeted. "And I'm Yuki, Fairy Princess from the Bunny kingdom," Kuro cutely smiled. "And welcome to the Fairy-tale theater of At home cafe," Vanilla continued. "The week of valentines day we will be cosplaying special characters," Vanilla commented. "So be sure to drop by," Kuro smiled. A couple of hours later everyone was talking in the changing rooms once the cafe closed."Aina, who's your cosplay of?" Mayu asked to the girl who was on stage when they introduced the Valentines week event. "Maid version of Kirino from Imouto," Rini responded, closing her locker. "Mines school version of Taiga Aisaka," Umi sighed. "Kagamine Rin," another maid shouted out. "Yui from K-on," another girl added before anyone could ask her. "Yuuko Shionji," Kuro blushed. "Does that mean we'll see you in a black wig?" Mayu asked, watching Kuro nod. "You'll look really cute! Can't wait to see!" she smiled. Kuro's checks lightly blushed as she nodded. "Anyway we should head home," Umi reminded, looking down at her watch. "I agree," another maid nodded as she walked past. Kuro and Maya parted ways at the station since they were getting on different train lines.The train was packed meaning there was only a little space to breath. As the train jolted her forwards, Kuro fell into someone's chest. The faint smell of chocolate drifted through the air. "S-Sorry," she blushed. "It's okay,Kuro," IIhoon grinned. Looking up, Kuro noticed IIhoon with his hands on her shoulders. "I-IIhoon!" she blushed, stepping backwards. "Cute reaction," he smiled, ruffling her hair. Her checks lightly blushed as she looked to the side. "Do you think it will snow soon?" he asked, looking out the window. "Hopefully," she cutely nodded. He grinned, patting her on the head. "This is my stop, I'll see you later," Kuro added once 'Shibuya' had come up on the screen. "Do you want me to walk you home?" he offered. "It's okay," she blushed, bowing her head slightly as the train came to a stop. She waved before jumping onto the platform. "Bye," IIhoon grinned. As Kuro left the station she noticed Eunkwang who was walking around the corner. "Eunkwang!" she beamed, quickly running over to him. "Are you on your way home?" he guessed, watching her nod. "What about you?" Kuro asked. "I came to buy some stuff at Shibuya 109 men's," he added, holding up his one shopping bag. "Can I walk you home?" he requested. "I'm okay with it," she blushed, nodding. Heavy rain poured down from the sky. "It's freezing but why is it raining?" Eunkwang complained, quickly ducking under one of the shelters of 7-eleven while pulling Kuro under as well. "Would it be okay if I popped in here?" Kuro mumbled. "Yeah, I should bring food home for the guys," Eunkwang nodded. Kuro got Onigiri,Purin, Yan Yans, a vocaloid chibi draw string bag and a bottle of cocoa cola. Eunkwang brought milk tea, a couple of tubs of Cup noodle, Jagariko, a bottle of lemonade, coffee and plasters. "Oh right, you live alone," he remembered, watching her nod. Outside the rain continued to pour. "That would be 3562 yen, would you like anything else?" the woman behind the register offered."And two Nikuman, please," he added, glancing at the heated box by the register. "Of course," the woman behind the counter nodded. "I'm paying for her's as well," he added. "I-It's okay, I can pay for my own!" Kuro blushed. "That wouldn't be gentlemanly," Eunkwang reminded, winking. "If your sure," Kuro nodded. "Thank you for your purchase," the woman thanked as Kuro and Eunkwang was leaving the convenience store. "Jeez, it looks like it will be a while till it stops raining," Eunkwang sighed, pulling up his hood. "Got it!" Kuro beamed as she pulled a pink Rilakkuma umbrella out of her pastel pink Randoseru. Eunkwang smiled, patting her on the head. Kuro smiled, making a 'v' sign. Eunkwang held the umbrella, since he was taller. He lightly placed his hand on her shoulder, pulling her closer to him which caused her checks to blush. "You'll get wet if your not completely under the umbrella," he reminded. "Are you sure I can borrow your umbrella?" he asked once he got to her apartment block. "Of course, It would be bad if you got ill," she nodded. "I'll bring it back when it stops raining tomorrow," he smiled, patting her on the head. "Sweet dreams," he waved before walking of. "Just over a week left till valentines day," Maya grinned the next day at work. "Can't wait for the event," Kuro nodded. "It will be good," Maya responded. That night, standing outside her apartment was Hyunsik, Eunkwang, Peniel, IIhoon, Changsub, Minhyuk and Sungjae. "It would be better to talk about it in there," Minhyuk added. "There's not a best way to ask this," Eunkwang sighed, leaning against the wall. "Hey, Kuro, do you want to... m-move in with us?" Changsub offered, the top of his ears red.
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