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Would you have a Harem of Old Ladies or Extremely ripped Macho Women
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Posted 2/27/15

jontheviewer wrote:

severticas wrote:

There's something about that old lady. I mean, i think about necrophelia *shrug*

KarenAraragi wrote:


When you wake up in the hospital, there's this voice asking you to choose between the two harems.

But suddenly a explosion occurred and everybody dies in the city.

lol, maybe you should somehow find the source of the voice??

Luckly, you were swallow by a black hole and transported to a room with an intercom, over the intercom there's this voice "choose the old ladies harem or the musclely women harem."

Interstellar (movie) spoilers:

Posted 2/27/15
gah there's no win, since it's explicitly Extremely ripped macho women
if it was, muscular women it would be easy, but even Mikasa doesn't fit extremely ripped or macho

however how old wasn't specified...

Ok who am I kidding I can't think of Grandma's in that way, I'm going Extremely ripped Macho women.
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Posted 2/28/15
Ooooh, can I combine both? I couldn't have a harem for sex reasons, that just ain't me, but I'd love to fight and interact with girls who have a mutual disinterest, that's like learning two skills at the same time.

Bring on the strong old broads!

If I have to pick one, I think I'd go with old ladies, they would teach me more and give me a better shot with a burly girl.

But really, a harem? Can any of you pay real attention to that many people?
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Posted 1/18/17
New Year cleaning -- closing threads with no new posts since 2015
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