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Post Reply Why is there a limit on my wishlist X{ ?
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Posted 2/14/15 , edited 2/14/15

thefacebiters wrote:
Not a single thing she said was even partially constructive. So forgive me for having a fuck off attitude.

If you have a problem with the way I'm speaking Loreen maybe you should save your condescending pretentious attitude for when you're not on the clock, volunteer or otherwise. You know when you're not speaking to customers?

What are you really trying to say I'm the only person who cares about the wishlist limit out of all the users on CrunchRoll, simply because no user responded, as in you know somehow what everyone is thinking (PRETENTIOUS MUCH)????

Let me just respond to you the same way you did to me and see how well it sits to you:

Maybe do you think you might get a clue, that like I dunno, nobody else responded because they didn't have anything worthwhile to add....Don't you think you could get a clue about that

Hi, I'm just now seeing this latest chain of responses because I wasn't quoted and therefore didn't get a notification.

I guess I did sound a little rude, and to be honest you did too, so maybe we can just call it even and put that behind us.

I did think that nobody else had responded because they didn't have anything worthwhile to say in response, and I thought that's basically what I said--was not trying to be condescending, just candid.

I was genuinely trying to be helpful though, saying that since no one had responded you might have better luck either making a suggestion for a less limited wishlist in the Suggestions/Feedback forum, or by contacting customer support directly, rather than by bumping the thread. I thought those were constructive suggestions and I'm still not sure why you feel they were not.

Anyway, I'm sorry if the way I phrased things overshadowed the help I was trying to provide.
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