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31 / M / R'lyeh
Posted 2/3/15 , edited 2/4/15
So I have been looking for some anime that has had some serious influence by the mythos and would like to know if any of you have seen any. One I can think of is Demonbane. Its a decent mecha with a lot of references to Lovecraft's works with eps named "Big C" and "Strange Eons". It is still on CR if you would like to check it out as it is what led me to my search of other Lovecraft related shows. Here's the Link:
Tsathoggua (Mod)
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19 / M / Terra Australis (...
Posted 2/4/15 , edited 2/5/15

Sorry, I lost my composure then. I can't seem to watch Demonbane. It sucks.....
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