A Stranger sleeps in Ciel's Bed
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Kuroshitsuji ~ Fanfic

sum mary

This girl her name is Elizabeth Chang she is from 21st Century all she does is sleep. Cause she been sleeping late of watching Kuroshitsuji known as Black Butler lately. She doesn't have school until the next spring and its still Fall. Her room is full with Kuroshitsuji Posters and one of her favorite character Ciel Phantomhive. She adores and obssess with it. She dislike Elizabeth Midford for having her Ciel. But when she fall asleep and woke up in the wrong era she figure out she is in Kuroshitsuji. What happens if she falls in love with Ciel Phantomhive?


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  • Genre: Romance & Adventure
  • Pairing: Ciel x OC
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    Elizabeth Chang






    Elizabeth Rosalia Chang
    Eliza, Beth, Liz, Rosa
    7th Grade, High School
    21st Century

    Ciel Phantomhive
    Diet Coke, Hot Chocolate, Bubble Tea, Honey Tea
    Strawberry, Watermelon, Honey Dew, Cataloupe, Grapes
    Strawberry Pound Cake
    Blue & Pink
    Oculus Rift - Affected, Flappy Bird, Broforce, Mario Kart 8

    - Sleeping
    - Playing the Piano while Sleepwalking
    - Playing the Violin
    - Singing
    - Baking Sweets
    - Cooking
    - Pranking
    - hanging out with Grell

    - Scones
    - Earl Gray
    - Alois (Blondie Creep)
    - Claude
    - Angels
    - Elizabeth Midford
    - Snobby Brats
    - Scared of Fire
    - Lightning

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    Chapter One - 別の時間に目覚める

    Elizabeth finished chores and homework studies. She slipped on her nightgown and went back to sleep. Later in 3 hours, Elizabeth wasn't in her room but someone else's room. She shift closer and squinted her eyes and saw a boy with bluenette hair sleeping. Elizabeth she widen in shocked and pretend to sleep. Oh my god! I'm in Ciel's room. Wait wasn't I suppose to be in my room! How on earth did I get over here! Oh well. I'll just have to lie about this one. Yesss!! I still gotten my guitar with me oh goodie!! She thought. She felt something wrapping around her waist. Elizabeth just realize something and curse softly. Oh my glob! I forgot I got drum and guitar lessons. Oh shit! She thought and causing panic trying not to wake up someone near next to her. Later in the morning, Sebastian opened the door and went to wake up Young Master as usual until he notice a person next to his young master. He gently lift the blanket and saw a girl wearing an inapporiate sleep wear. Sebastian smirk at this and started to wake up Young Master. "Young Master please wake up." Sebastian asked. Ciel started to wake up and felt something heavy against his arms and look down and saw a strange girl sleeping next to him. He was startled and fall off his bed his face was beef red with a soft thud that made her wake up. As for Elizabeth who woke up by a soft thud. She sit up slowly exposing her skin a little more. She has a sleepy eyes and yawned sleepily. Ciel was still red. So Sebastian cleared his throat making the girl turn to him and tilt over her head like she is confused she is really confused how the hell she got here in the first place.

    "Um, Miss may I ask who are you?" Sebastian asked. Elizabeth just stared deadpanned at him. "Elizabeth Chang." She grumble annoyance looking down at her bass guitar she clutch it very close to her. The man was shocked to heard 'Elizabeth' and sighed. "Would you please go outside I must changed Young Master. I will also call the maid to help you changed." Elizabeth nodded disapproved. "I hate changing clothing." She said with pure disgust tone. As for Ciel groaned, Great another Elizabeth he thought as he got up he waited for this girl to leave. Ciel saw Sebastian in amuse look. Ciel cleared his throat as Sebastian snapped his thoughts as he dressed Ciel up with his clothes like usual. As for Elizabeths she strapped her guitar around her shoulder and test the strings if it is working or not when she started to play it it work perfectly. Elizabeth took out a guitar pick and strimmed it test out the tune. She only have her bass guitar. She started playing God Knows she loved that song very much she can't help it into playing it. Unknown to her the servants of Ciel was watching her playing that strange instrument. Whoa she is good! What instrument is that? Three servants thought. Meanwhile in Ciel's office they were talking until they heard someone playing a strange instrument they went to check it out and it was the same girl who slept with Ciel. When she plays it its very fast which note she presses.

    Elizabeth learn bass guitar since she was 13 years old. Once she is done she heard clapping. She is very different from his fiancee. But this one is only into music and instruments. I need a piano. She thought and stared at them. "Can I use your piano?" She asked. Ciel just shrugged. "I wonder what other instruments can she play?" A girl with funky red hair style and glasses said. Ciel show her his piano. He also was wondering if she is good with anything at least. Sebastian was shocked to see this and found it very amusing last time Young Master done piano he was struggling. Once she sat down she closed her eyes and started playing while her eyes are closed. Not even Ciel can do that. She has begun playing her favorite piece called "Dear You". Ciel just jaw dropped. Show off... Ciel thought and grumble. Sebastian was amazed and noticed that this girl just closed her eyes while playing the piano. Very interesting… Hmm It seems this girl is just right for Young Master… I'm pretty sure she can help him with the piano lessons and violin lessons. Sebastian thought.

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