Best way to learn how to sewing for cosplay.And how to make costumes. advice
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I been getting interested in sewing and how to make costumes. I will like to create my own costumes or for people. Is there tutors I should hire to teach me how to learn how to sewing ? What materials I should use ? What are the best materials for sewing and creating costumes ? What equipment should I buy ? How to practice correctly ? How much should I practice ? How long should I expect to be bad a it and then get good a it ? Styles I will like to learn would fall in the Lolita category or Lolita fashion.

I will like for me one day to able to create costumes like this.

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just google how to sew.

I would suggest learning to make a simple dress, then go from there. know how to take measurements. learn about the female body. then learn how to pleat the dresses. how to select the fabric you want. How to match the threads to the fabric...

well, you would need a sewing machine and the other machine for hemming... probably good/powerful ones, to make those types of dresses you listed...
needles, shears, threads, bobbins, pins, pincushions...


How long? it depends on how motivated you are to learn.

those dresses you listed are not simple to make... it'll require a lot of patience and expertise. youtube how to undo mistakes, etc.

Sewing is not rocket science, but it isn't easy either... The pleats would be the hardest to do for those types of dresses.
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I'm pretty awful at sewing, personally, but is a great place to start, if you ask me. Those dresses are pretty incredible, lots of pinning and different fabrics to work through. I know Cosplay Tutorial has guides for petticoats, skirts, etc as well, but last I checked, their lolita section was sadly empty.

They're just one starting point, though, there are lots of others out there. I'll poke through a few, see if there are some with specific loli dress primers. Still, the other sewing basics and clothing guides they have may help out a bit, I hope!
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It really does help a lot. Thanks.
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