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Do you think people should "self diagnose" mental conditions… and then claim they have them?
Posted 8/29/15 , edited 8/30/15
Yep In my opinion I think it's fine to self diagnose yourself. As long as you see a professional to verify you actually have what you think you have.

Like me for example I believe I have ADD. I was even seeing a professional about it but before he could even diagnose me, I moved out of state and never looked into it again but probably should though, since I still show symptoms of it and my parents highly agree it's possible (just don't have the money though). Only condition I have that has actually been diagnosed is my social anxiety and that's it but I'm not seeing anyone about it anymore though (can't afford it).

Anyway so like I said, I highly think it's OK as long as you get it verified by a professional.
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Posted 8/29/15 , edited 8/30/15
I've looked at Web MD in the past to check out red marks I've gotten on my hands from the physical work I do and sometimes things like tick bites but it's not a great source to use. The reason is because WebMD is basically = to Wikipedia for Health. It seems to do okay on basic health and home care treatment but shouldn't be used as a source for official diagnosis. It's like any source, you always need to double check with an expert.

Mental health disorders I feel don't fall under something you can ever work to fix on your own so self-diagnosis is not a good idea.
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