Perfect Wife for Ciel
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Sᴜᴍᴍᴀʀʏ xxxx

Elizabeth was raised in America but what happens if she recieve a letter to her parents death about something being engaged by the Phantomhive's son who's name is Ciel Phantomhive. But she doesn't know that she was secretly engaged with him or if he still engage with Elizabeth Midford. What happens if Elizabeth meets Elizabeth Midford are they going to be enemies all the way I apparently so. Elizabeth decided to move to London she loves her home in California but its time to let it go. She let her younger sister to take over the house while she is moving out. Elizabeth and her sister are sibling bonds they talk about their problems and solves them. Her sister doesn't like investagate clues. Elizabeth raised herself and her sister since her parents passed away in a car crash. Elizabeth made a demon maid contract with Emma.

As for her sister Mika she decided to change the house a bit into a sisterly house. She loves to write letters to her loving sister as always and also giving pictures. She also hired bodyguards and secruity guards to guard her home if her sister comes back from traveling. Mika loves her sister dearly she never betrays her.

This was when Ciel was turn into a demon yet he has no memories about his fiancee Elizabeth Midford all he recieved from Queen Victoria that he was secretly engaged to Elizabeth Chang.

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    Elizabeth Chang // 17 // Engaged

    NICKNAMES - Eliza, Beth, Lizzie, Lady Beth, Lady Lizzie, Young Mistress
    RACE - Demon // Human (formerly)
    HOMETOWN - California
    LOCATION - Phantomhive Estate, London
    STATUS - Engaged w/ Ciel Phanthomhive
    FAVORITE TEA - Bubble Tea
    FAVORITE SNACK - Strawberry Muffins
    FAVORITE PLACE - Disney World & Disneyland
    HOBBIES - Playing Drums&Pianos&Guitars
    LIKES - Dogs, Cats, Singing, Dancing
    DISLIKES - Spiders, Pervert Butler, Lightning, Nightmares
    ENEMIES - Alois Trancy
    RIVALS - Elizabeth Midford
    xx Yumi (Neko Maid)

    xx Emma (Half Neko/Half Demon Maid)

    xx Vincent (Demon Butler/Younger Brother of Sebastian Michaelis)

    xx Sophie (Human/Personal Chef)

    xx Emily & Nicky (Human/Twins Patissiere Chef)

    xx Claudia (Demon Garderner/Younger Sister of Claude F.)

    xx Sayumi Sakurai (Mother/Half Chinese & Full Japanese) DEAD

    xx Zhang Chang (Father/Chinese) DEAD

    xx Mika (Baby Sister) ALIVED
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    Elizabeth arrived to London as her butler and maid called for a carriage to Phantomhive Estate. With her maids and her servants after all she been invited to stay over in Phantomhive Estate to meet her fiancee. Meanwhile in Phantomhive Estate, here comes Elizabeth Midford crying for her ex-fiancee Ciel while she is engage to Alois. Meyrin rushed to Young Master Office where Ciel and Alois are playing Chess while Elizabeth watches her ex-fiancee and current fiancee playing. As for Sebastian he went to cook their snacks with Claude. Until there was a knock on the door. Sebastian told Claude to open the door for the guest he nodded and went to the door and opened it it reveals to be his younger sister. "BROTHER CLAUDE!!" Claudia said happily and hugged her brother dearily. "Claudia?" Claude said he was shocked seeing his own younger sister here.

    "It's nice to see your brother again does it, Claudia~" A young feminine girl said as she walked in blue high heels. As for Claudia she can be a little clingy to her brother she haven't seen for a long time. And for Vincent who is Sebastian's youngest brother can be a little joyful. Claude sighed deeply and dragged his sister and his sister's mistress to Ciel Phantomhive's office. And the twins patissiere chefs were holding hands with Beth. Sophia sighed deeply as Yumi just chuckles, Sophia glared at Yumi and grabbed her tail. She wince and started to chase Sophia who was laughing. "Come in." Huskily tone said. Claude opened the door leaving the twins gaping at this stuff. Sebastian stand stiff as he saw his younger brother hugging Lady Elizabeth Chang. He also notice that this girl has red eyes just like his master. She is a demon just like Young Master but this girl has too many servants. Sebastian thought. I heard that Sebass-chan! Vincent telepathy happily. Sebastian groaned. Ciel got up from his seat and meet his new fiancee who has been clinged by two young girls who is fighting who is going to bake cakes for Beth.

    "I am Ciel Phantomhive, owner of Futom Candy/Toy Factory." Ciel said to her who nodded. "Elizabeth Chang, heiress Fashion Clothing Design Company & Modeling Company." She said. "Ciel~!!! She has the same name as me!!!" Goldielocks girl shouted. Ciel cringed. Elizabeth went to the twins and asked if they can make cookies. The twins cheered and ran to find the kitchen and finally found it. They started baking as possible. The Chef for Ciel saw two girls baking something. "Hey aren't you a little young to cook?" "Cook? WE ARE PATISSSIERE BAKA~!!" The other girl shouted accusing him for calling them cooker. Badory flinched by this girl's shout. "I'm done!!!" Twins girls shouted. "Emily what did you make?" The girl with pigtails said. "This one here its yummylicious of course I made it out of chocolate! What about you Nicky?" Emily said happily. "I made this out of white chocolate like this one." Nicky said happily. Nicky and Emily decided to show this to Beth for taste test. "OUT OF OUR WAY! EMI PROTECT THE CAKE!" Nicky shouted as they ran to the office again.

    "Beth we got the cake!" The twins said happily showing it to Beth who stared at those yummy cake. "Can you taste our cakes!" Emily said. Elizabeth nodded. Sebastian and the others except for Elizabeth's servant were shocked to see two young girls bake cakes like that. The twins placed the cake on the table. Elizabeth took a piece of chocolate and eats it. "This one needs to be less bitter and the candy sweets is fine but it needs be a little stiff." She said to Emily who nodded in ashamed. "Taste mine!" Nicky said happily. Elizabeth took a piece of white chocolate and eats it. "The white chocolate is perfect." Nicky squeal happily. Alois went to try the chocolate one. As Elizabeth taste the white chocolate one. "Yummy this one is so delicious!! Try some Ciel~!" She said.
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