What you should do to prepare for economic collapse...
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Posted 2/6/15
I strongly suggest you watch the following credible movies about economic collapse and peak oil because these following videos may save your life from the upcoming catastrophe.

A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash
(it is about peak oil and economic collapse)


(by Michael Ruppert. It is about peak oil and economic collapse)


Oil, Smoke and Mirrors
(it is about peak oil, economic collapse and 911 being an inside job)


The End of Cheap Oil
(It is about peak oil and how our agriculture system has to change to adapt to peak oil)


What A Way To Go: Life at the end of Empire (full movie)
(it is about peak oil, population overshoot, climate change and economic collapse)


German Study: Oil Shortages May Collapse Global Economy Within 10 years
(title says it all. This video was made in 2011, so this economic collapse will happen before or around 2020)


Peak Oil strikes 2020: Oil price spike causes Worldwide Depression and Food shortages

(The video doesn't explain why peak oil will cause food shortages. Here is why it will. Food nowadays requires 10 calories of fossil fuel energy to produce every calorie of food. Our food system is heavily dependent on fossil fuels. If you take the fossil fuels away, food will be gone. If there was no more oil, then trucks will no longer be able to make their deliveries to the supermarkets. And therefore supermarket shelves will start to go empty. And when supermarket shelves go empty, there will be a food shortage and massive riots/looting/anarchy/famine/starvation...unless of course, you can produce all of your food locally)


There is No Tomorrow
(This video talks about peak oil and our energy crisis. This video is a must watch, like the rest of these videos)


End of Suburbia: Oil Depletion and the Collapse of the American Dream
(This talks about peak oil and economic collapse)


Richard Manning Talks about Economic Collapse and Agriculture
(an expert on agriculture and environmental science talks about our agriculture system, our population overshoot and the upcoming economic collapse)


Richard Heinberg: Peak Oil and the Globe's Limitations
(An expert at environmental sciences talks about how we are running out of many essential natural resources. The Earth is NOT abundant of natural resources)


There are plenty of other great videos you can watch about peak oil and economic collapse. I have started your research for you, now do some more research on your own time. There are also plenty of articles and books you can read about the subject of peak oil and economic collapse.

Peak oil will be the CAUSE of the upcoming economic collapse. This economic collapse will start in 2020 when oil prices start to spiral out of control, causing food prices to spiral out of control. And when that happens, there will be food shortages, famine, starvation, war, anarchy and societal collapse. Everything around you will collapse. Including the electrical grid. This is happening, and the evidence for this irrefutable.

No amount of alternative energies will be able to prevent this collapse from happening. Do some research on why solar, wind, geothermal, hydro, nuclear and etc will not be able to make up for the decline in fossil fuels. The best thing you can do to survive this collapse is to start doing the following:

1) Growing your own food where you live

2) Get your soil off of petrochemicals (like pesticides made from oil and fertilizers made from natural gas). Start using your own feces and urine to fertilize your soil. And start growing food on the soil around where you live. For example, turn your front and backyard into a vegetable or fruit garden. Or you can turn the local parks into fields for growing wheat, corn, potatoes or whatever other crops you are capable of growing in your climate and region. Start farming and raising your own animals for meat (i.e. chickens, pigs and geese).

The bottom line is to no longer be reliant on the grocery store for food. That's because the food in the grocery stores were transported hundreds or thousands of kilometers from the farm to the grocery store. Without sufficient oil, you will no longer be able to transport food hundreds or thousands of kilometers. That means grocery stores will start going empty and become devoid of food when there isn't enough oil in the near future. That means all of the food you eat must be grown locally. Buy and grow your own food locally.

3) Get all of your neighbors to do the same thing. Make your neighbors self-sufficient on their own food instead of having to rely on the grocery store for food. You CANNOT be reliant on the grocery store for food anymore because within another decade or two, grocery stores will start becoming empty of food. So you can't buy anymore food from grocery stores in the not-so-distant future. Before that happens, food prices will continue to raise around the world, until food becomes unaffordable. At that point, you will be forced to produce your own food locally and buying food that was locally produced rather than shipped in from hundreds or thousands of kilometers away.

If you neighbors are self-sufficient in growing their own food, then you can trade food with your neighbors. Also that way when grocery stores start to go empty without food, your neighbors wouldn't steal the food you grow. Please tell all of your neighbors to grow their own food, so they can survive and help you survive. You can't survive on your own from this collapse. You have to do it with your neighbors and the rest of your community.

4) Learn how to survive without electricity. Yes, when there isn't enough oil, then the electric grid will collapse because our electric grid is overwhelming reliant on coal, natural gas and nuclear energy, which all rely on oil for maintenance. You need oil to transport natural gas, coal and nuclear fuel to the power plants to create electricity. Without oil, there will not be any fuel being delivered to power plants, which will cause the entire electrical grid to collapse.

Please spread this message to as many people as possible. That's because what I'm trying to do is SAVE LIVES. You can either do the right thing and survive. Follow this advice and survive. Or you can continue to cling onto the current paradigm and die with the economy. The upcoming economic collapse will make the Great Depression look like child's play because this is from a resource shortage rather than being a speculative bubble.

To learn more about peak oil and how to survive the upcoming economic collapse, I suggest you sign up and post on the following forum about peak oil.


Ask for advice from the above site. Ask for how you can grow your own food, so that you can survive the upcoming economic collapse and peak oil. Ask them anything that might help you survive. Or just ask them anything you might be curious about.

I don't care if people deny this collapse. It is going to happen. The evidence for it is overwhelming. I suggest you do your research on alternative energies to realize that they will not save industrial civilization, which is inevitably doomed. Instead, take all of the necessary steps to save your own lives, the lives of other people around you in your community, and people around the world.

Other then the movies and advice I posted, I suggest you should do additional research on peak oil and the economic collapse it will cause. I can't provide you with all of the sources I learned my information about economic collapse and peak oil from. I learn this stuff from many months of painstaking research. You should spend your spare time researching about peak oil. Learn more about it. And learn about how you can survive the upcoming economic collapse because your life will depend on it.
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Posted 2/6/15
I strongly recommend no one else reply. Doing so will only embolden him to keep making these threads.
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Posted 2/6/15
Nice thread m8
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Posted 2/6/15
Peak Oil.

Oh good god.

Also, don't use your urine on crops, human piss kills plants pretty dead.

My advice to you?

Posted 2/6/15
Lol, you're awesome in a weird way.
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Posted 2/6/15
Whoa, ate a ban for that?
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Posted 2/6/15
That ban hammer is strong enough to stop even maidens...
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Posted 2/6/15

VZ68 wrote:

Whoa, ate a ban for that?

No, he "ate a ban" for personal attacks on another user in here, which I removed. However, this thread doesn't seem to be going anywhere, and so I'm closing it.
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