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Save the internet!
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Posted 2/18/15 , edited 2/18/15

Biggle wrote:

Sir_jamesalot wrote:

Money talks

Money = Invincible.

This statement is false history has proven this statement false several times the last time was during the great depression.

That said the city of Tacoma kicked the cable companies to the curb back in the early 90's and create a public utility to deliver cable and internet to folks works great offers gigabit if you are willing to pay in time the price will drop on that as well. This is similar to how other countries do it.

As for net neutrality all for it you free market types still fail to understand that markets unless they are on a very small scale are regulated by the society that the function in without those regulations they become less and less competitive smaller players have a harder time competing against he bigger players. This has proven true time and time again in history so before you say regulation stifle the market understand that those regulation are what allow a market to work and the more equal and balanced they are the more competitive a market will be. Also you get more winners when the rules are more balanced right now they favor the rich and powerful.

Also I have never heard money talk in all my life I have seen people use money to amplify their message but the money itself had little to say about what it wanted.
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Posted 3/21/15
Closed because OP nuked.
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