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The 13 Phases of Watching Anime. Do you agree or disagree ?
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Posted 2/6/15

KarenAraragi wrote:

MonkeysxMoo35 wrote:

Sorry, but I'm not a weeaboo.

Nothing here has anything to do with being a

[MonkeysxMoo35quote] weeaboo

Yeah that was a little much, but I don't do all but like two or three of these.
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Posted 2/6/15
Nope I've never felt like that
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Posted 2/6/15
Not at all like that.

Step 1: Pick one.

Step 2: Watch it.

Step 3: Choose whether you hate it or like it.

Step 4: Notice either the misandry or misogyny aspects present in the series. Whether it be through constant double standards of female abuse on male or females being overly sexualized and with bland as hell archetypes.

Step 5: Find a new one in between the weeks.

Step 6: Rinse and repeat.

Step 7: Finish one, move on to the other.

Step 8: Choose which character you might want to cosplay as.
Posted 2/6/15 , edited 2/6/15
People who use the word weaboo tend to be dumb if you ask me. The term is more often use to denote people who have "shit" taste rather than excessive fans of the Japanese.

Here's my cycle.

1.I pick an obscure anime that has been overlooked.

2.Watch it, being relatively ambivalent to all that has happened. Not really hating, but not liking either.

3.Look for negative reviews about the show on MAL.

4.Realize what a piece of shit it was and write a negative review on Crunchyroll or MAL.
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Posted 2/7/15
Yeah, that's pretty much right.
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Posted 2/7/15 , edited 2/7/15
1. see what's available this month/season.

2. pick the ones that seem most appealling to at least" yeah, I could kinda watch that" base on descriptions

3. add them to my queues

4. watch various other shows (including american tv, and anime that i missed or time wasting but not in the "complete lack of interest" category) and movies till the episodes start to build up to a decent sized chunk.

5. watch a number of episodes.

6. repeat 4&5 while also doing 1-3 until various series are done

7. go on living my life.
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Posted 2/7/15
The cycle for me is more along the lines of:

1. Pick up loads of things at the begining of the season
2. Realise that it's basically all the same as what I watched last season
3. Look down on people who abondon their waifus for "seasonal waifu"
4. Feel bad because the shows I like wont get a season 2 because bad sales
5. Repeat the never ending cycle.
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Posted 2/7/15
Sounds more like the 13 steps of being a shipper.
Sailor Candy Moderator
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Posted 9/15/16
Op Nuked. locked.
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