Post Reply Any romantic/fantasy anime worth watch?
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Posted 2/7/15 , edited 2/7/15
Something with powers/ supernatural, and but have a good romantic plot or subplot?

I don't mind ecchi anime or harems. Don't care for pure Yuri or YaoI though, only if it's in the background.

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Posted 2/7/15
Spice and Wolf is my favorite romantic/fantasy type of anime. It's supernatural in a way, but not in the sense that they throw energy balls out of their hand and stuff...
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Posted 2/7/15
Old school or Any school? HEA or HFN?

I never feel comfortable recommending things to people when I don't know someone's taste well enough. There's a bunch within the shoujo genre that isn't yuri or yaoi. As for me, I don't like happy endings usually, seeing as my tastes run fairly dark. Most of the yaoi/shounen-ai that I've cut my teeth on have reduced me to a puddle crying goo! LOL! Haven't ventured too far on this site as yet but thinking to what I have in my DVD collection right now, Tenchi Muyo was pretty good---it's been a while since I've watched them but I remember liking them. Elfen Lied has a good reputation but for myself I couldn't get into it. It's nasty though in the blood and guts department from what I's not something they'd show here.
But if you want to see about something here, do a general search by genre and see what's there. They make it a point to get as much of a wide selection as possible to suit all tastes.
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Posted 2/7/15
check out beyond the boundary, thats really good, it needs a season 2, there will be a movie for it coming out soon though, 12-episodes with a great art work
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Posted 2/7/15 , edited 2/12/15
just watch the good old inuyasha
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Posted 2/7/15
- Spice and Wolf, as mentioned
- Angel Beats
- Kotoura-San
- Ah My Goddess
- Maoyu
- The Devil is a Part Timer
- Happiness
- The World God Only Knows

If you like sci fi as well as fantasy:
- Eureka Seven
- Gargantia of the Verderous Planet

If you don't mind harems:
- Familiar of Zero
- A Certain Magical Index
- Strike the Blood
- Trinity Seven
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Posted 2/7/15
Romeo X Juliet
Nagi no Asukara
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