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Posted 2/8/15
Que pasta amiibos?

This is my first post, woot!

I've been subbed to C.R. for a while on another account, but I only used to lurk and watch anime.
I'd never posted in the forums...

But today, I was browsing Kickstarter for things (after missing out on backing LeSean Thomas' CannonBusters), and I found something that made me want to tell someone -even complete strangers.

It's an Indonesian manga based on Balinese mythology, with a dark, unique style.
Instead of trying to explain it, I'll just redirect you to the Kick page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1252644076/raibarong-new-asian-heavy-action-comic-book

The source material and the art style alone piqued my interest.
I thought it was a shame, and, frankly disappointing that it has only 13 days left to go, and it is not anywhere near being funded.

This is why I felt inclined to post today; I'd really be interested in seeing this manga printed, and I thought I'd share this with people who might feel the same.


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Posted 12/25/16
End of year forum cleanup. ^,^ Locked!
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