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Posted 2/8/15 , edited 2/8/15
- Good evening everyone or good morning -

x I have currently caught up to the latest 18 episodes of PARASYTES
& I would love you guys to suggest me current simulcast animes.

A brief preview why you like this particular anime & why it's worth watching would be greatly appreciated.

Please, keep in mind of spoilers as well. Thank you

Signing off,

- xMissLeanBean <3

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Posted 2/8/15 , edited 2/8/15

Your Lie in April - Beautiful, amazing art / music, makes ya cry.
Shirobako - An interesting / fun look into how Anime is made.
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Posted 2/8/15 , edited 2/8/15
I second both of Bjaker's recs above, plus

/yona-of-the-dawn One of the best reverse-harems out there so far. It really doesn't seem to be about the harem aspect very much at all. Serious at times, funny at times, Yona is interesting and develops into someone strong instead of just being a generic "plug-in" substitution character.

And unfortunately, Funimation grabbed these:

Death Parade -- A bar that could be thought of as purgatory. People arrive in pairs and don't remember that they have died, or anything about how it happened. They must play a game against each other, exposing their faults/personalities in the process, to be allowed to leave, all the while thinking they will die if they lose to the other one. A continuation of Death Billiards, which was one of the four Young Animator Project winners a year or so ago.

Assassination Classroom -- More for humor than anything else. A super-powered/fast moving alien yellow octopus, will destroy the world at the end of the school term unless someone in his (4-f/loser) class can assassinate him. But he is the best teacher in the entire school in all subjects, including assassination and the kids really like him.

Maria the Virgin Witch -- Very funny, actually kind of cute, but situations that could be considered "dirty jokes" at times, so if you don't like that, skip this. A witch in France opposes the church/heavens to break up battles, set in the approximate time of the 100 years war. She just doesn't like fighting. She has a choice: Stop interfering, or lose her powers, unless she stays a virgin. But she is starting to like a certain villager who likes her back...
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Posted 2/10/15 , edited 2/10/15
Military is good fun. The episodes are only around 3 minutes so its a nice short one thats short on time so they just chuck a load of gags in
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Posted 2/11/15 , edited 2/11/15
I'm watching 5 or 6 simulcasts right now, most are pretty generic, but offer some decent entertainment.

First I'll support the suggestions for

Yona of the Dawn- I haven't caught up to the current episode, I only started today, but the animation is great, the plot is really interesting, and it seems like the characters will really develop if what I've read is to be believed.

Your lie in April - It seems to be the consensus that this will be the best anime of the season, and I have to agree. Everything about it is just amazing, from the animation, the music, and the characters and the chemistry between them.

For ones not mentioned yet, I've watched

Iscuna - Guy in highschool meets blonde tsundere (original I know). She is actually the head of the family that hunts and kills demons, which are running wild at the school they go to. He accidentally kisses the tsundere, and finds out he has the power to transfer huge amounts of spirit energy into her. I foresee harem in the future of this anime.

The Testament of Sister New Devil - Basically Highschool DxD, but the male character, Basara, is OP as hell, and kicks ass right from the start. A lot of fanservice, ecchi moments, which I am not opposed to. The dialogue between Basara and Maria is hilarious. Also a harem.

Unlimited Fafnir - Basically Infinite Stratos, but instead of mech suits, the characters have magical powers of dragons, and have to kill the giant dragons before they turn the women into mates. Also a harem.

World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman - People attend magic school, where they gain powers from past lives, either sword skills, or magic skills. Male lead is only person to remember two previous lives, one a sword, the other magic, and is special. He's also pretty OP and badass. Harem again.

Absolute Duo - People go to school to learn how to use weapons called Blaze, which are summoned after they are given a experimental injection. Male lead becomes partners with moe dandere scandanavian girl that becomes way too familiar with him right off the bat, for accidental ecchi moments. Harem once again...

I've actually enjoyed all of these enough to keep watching them week to week. I've noticed though that almost all of them are harem anime. I guess harems are in this season.
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Posted 2/11/15 , edited 2/11/15
Set in a world where humanity has lost control of the oceans to the “deep sea fleet,” the only hope to counter this threat are the Kanmusu, a group of girls who possess the spirit of Japanese warships. The story revolves around Fubuki, a destroyer who comes to the Chinjufu base to train with other Kanmusu. Watch as their stories unfold

pretty cool action already for only 6 episodes in, give this one a try
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