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Posted 2/9/15 , edited 2/9/15
So I have been catching up on one piece, (660) and am in love with Tony Tony Choppers new camouflage outfit, its so cute. I have never actually purchased a figure of a character before, I always start looking, and end up with half a dozen that I "MUST HAVE" and then realize I am about to spend a seemingly massive amount of money on plastic. So I think I am genuinely interested in buying this if I am able to actually find one.

I have searched online for a little while and the only source I've been able to find with one seems to be a website called AliExpress- This seems a little iffy to me, they don't accept most forms of payment, and when at checkout, the free shipping details: Free shipping, Delivery Time: 5-15 days Processing Time: 30 days

Is 30 days processing time normal? 5-15 days to ship? I realize its likely coming from what to me is the other side of the world, however the 30 day processing time makes me nervous.

----I am not sure if links are permitted so I wont use any, if you Google Search: AliExpress, when on their site search: "Anime one piece camouflage color Chopper pvc figure doll tall 13cm". You will see the listing for the item that I am looking for, I cant seem to find it anywhere else online.. Suggestions in any respect are welcome and happily received!

Many Thanks,
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Posted 2/9/15 , edited 2/16/15
If authentticity is important, then AliExpress should be avoided. Most of the stuff you'll get from there are cheap bootlegs. I'm not saying everything is, but quite a bit is. Same for eBay. Sometimes it depends on the product. Smaller names don't get bootlegged as much as something like, say, Hatsune Miku.

If you want to buy from some reputable dealers, I tend to stick with bigger names like Ami Ami. They have a full and ever-changing used inventory. Their shipping is extremely high ($20) typically), but when I pay for something on Thursday, it's often here on Monday or Tuesday. That's even better than USPS. It's taken almost two weeks for orders from CR's store to arrive...

Some other places to look at Big Bad Toy Store, Tokyo Otaku Mode and Hobby Link Japan. There's one more I can't recall off the top of my head.
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Posted 2/9/15 , edited 2/16/15
That figure looks pretty fishy. Avoid it.

Some other places include CDjapan, USA Animate (skip this if you live outside the us since they don't have international shipping), and Jbox.
Right Stuf also carries figures but not that much.

For Nendoroids and/or Figmas, etc.-

Good Smile Company Partner Shop Listing:

They also have a bootleg figure guide. Its located up on the bar.

I also suggest to avoid buying figures at conventions since the majority of the figures sold there are bootlegs. There are some legit dealers at cons, but I suggest you look up on each dealer on the web to see if they are legit.
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Posted 2/10/15 , edited 2/10/15
For One Piece figures it should always have a shiny foil Toei sticker on it. Most legit figures come with this foil stickers which show the company that owns the product has licensed the figure. Good Smile and any legit figure maker will most likely have a sticker from the company on their products. In some cases stickers are not used by a couple companies but as far as i know all the One Piece figures do. It's a good first way to check they are authentic at a convention or something where you don't have ages to compare bootlegs to real photos. Some bootleggers have tried to clone these but they don't look as thick and they use an ink stamp to copy the logo design and it easily rubs off if you rub your thumb over it. So it's another good test for One Piece figures. Just use your own instincts mostly. If something seems too good to be true it probably is. If it's an old figure and they are selling it for like 10 dollars it's 100% a fake. If it doesn't look right the paintwork is off or the face looks derpy it's a fake. Japanese figures are usually made to order and they only make so many so they don't make poor quality mass produced things. They are often hand painted.

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