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Posted 2/9/15 , edited 2/10/15
Skies of Nyx

Adventure. Mystery. Intrigue. Powerful artifacts and bountiful treasures await in the world of Nyx. The sky is the limit and our hero Blaise flies into unknown territory alongside his companion Oliver. The dynamic duo uncovers magical devices that grant special properties to their owners, technology lost to an ancient civilization whose existence has barely been pieced together as the Xilian. At every adventure there lies a rivalry— Count Malz seeks to thwart Blaise’s endeavors and steal the glory for his own. What untold stories lie in wait for our hero in the world of Nyx?

Skies of Nyx is a fantasy/sci-fi webcomic with a steampunk theme full of magical creatures and spells. The story travels through a variety of geographical locations on the planet Nyx including scalding volcanoes, lush jungle vegetation, underwater lost cities, and booming industrial metropolises. There is one central protagonist, Blaise, who is accompanied by a crew he meets on his journey throughout Nyx. Their travels together involve the discovery of many new things which include many obstacles they must overcome to push forward both internally and externally. Social issues we struggle with will be introduced metaphorically (and sometimes literally) throughout the story.

The story will be split into several arcs. How that is to unfold in terms of the division of labor and time is TBD.
I am looking for a collaborative effort in order to streamline mutual satisfaction from all parties involved. Therefore, story objects are subject to change in order to maintain continuity. My role in this collaboration is to write the story, and mostly fill in the business side of the operation including but not limited to: Providing a public site for access, financing, marketing, copyright protection and promotion. What I need is a dedicated, reliable, communicative, mature, and above all passionate artist to work with. If this story interests you, please share with me your portfolio and share some feedback on what you read. One last thing: ideally I would like to get one panel out a week. So if you don’t have time throughout your week to draw, then this collab probably isn’t the best fit for us.

I look forward to your reply and if you have any questions, comments, or concerns please don’t hesitate to ask. Thank you for your consideration.

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Posted 2/18/15 , edited 2/19/15
Did someone say...steampunk?! Count me in!
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Did somebody say Nyx?

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Posted 5/22/15 , edited 5/23/15
I'll try to help out a bit, dont expect too much though
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