Sad Past? Revenge? Love?
Posted 2/9/15

Sad Past? Revenge? Love?
Kuroshitsuji & Gundam Seed Crossover Fanfic


Yumi Yamato sibling to Cagalli Athna and Kira Yamato she is the youngest sibling and she is only 13 years old. Her real parents dropped her off in London for safety. Yumi declare to summon a demon maid she wanted revenge after what she heard that her parents were killed by gundams in Japan. Apparently she can't go back to japan to see her older brother and older sister since her brother never knew he had her as his little sister. Except Cagalli she knew she had a little sister in London. Yumi got invitation to Phantomhive Estate Ball yet she wasn't fond with balls or dances but her maid demand her to go which she did but what happens if she falls in love with Earl Phantomhive and her maid falls in love with a butler. What happens if Yumi and Cagalli reunited as sisters.


  • Yumi Yamato
  • 000. Prologue
  • 001.
  • 002.
  • 003.


  • Ciel x Yumi (OC)
  • Sebastian x OC
  • Cagalli x Athrun
  • Lacus x Kira

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