[C] Sad Past? Revenge? Love?
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Sad Past? Revenge? Love?
Kuroshitsuji & Gundam Seed Crossover Fanfic


Yumi Dalles sibling to Cagalli Athna and Kira Yamato she is the youngest sibling and she is only 13 years old. Her real parents dropped her off in London for safety. Yumi declare to summon a demon maid she wanted revenge after what she heard that her parents were killed by gundams in Japan. Apparently she can't go back to japan to see her older brother and older sister since her brother never knew he had her as his little sister. Except Cagalli she knew she had a little sister in London. Yumi got invitation to Phantomhive Estate Ball yet she wasn't fond with balls or dances but her maid demand her to go which she did but what happens if she falls in love with Earl Phantomhive and her maid falls in love with a butler. What happens if Yumi and Cagalli reunited as sisters. // This takes place in Gundam Seed Destiny.


  • Yumi Dalles
  • Prologue
  • 001.
  • 002.

  • Pairs

  • Ciel x Yumi (OC)
  • Sebastian x OC
  • Cagalli x Athrun
  • Lacus x Kira
  • Lunamaria x Shinn
  • Talia x Gilbert
  • Murrue x Mue
  • Shinn x Stellar

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    Yumi Dalles

    Demon Contract;

    Mirillia (Demon Maid)


    About Yumi;

    birth name -
    age -
    gender -
    race -
    nationality -
    affiliation -
    love interest -
    occupation -
    demon contract-
    family -
    Yumi Hibiki
    13 - 15 (BB); 16 (GSD)
    orb union
    earth alliance, orb union
    ciel phantomhive
    heiress orb union, queen's coordinator
    mirillia (maid)
    Cagalli Yula Athha (Sister), Kira Yamato (Brother), Ulen Hibiki (Father; Decreased), Via Hibiki (Mother; Decreased), Caridad Yamato (Aunt), Haruma Yamato (Uncle), Uzumi Nara Athha (Adopted Grandfather; Decreased), Homura Athha (Adopted uncle), Angelina Dalles (Adoptive Mother), Rachel Phantomhive (Adoptive Aunt; Decreased), Vincent Phantomhive (Adoptive Uncle; Decreased), Baron Burnett (Adopted Father; Decreased), Ciel Phantomhive (Adoptive Cousin)



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    000. Prologue

    Ulen Hibiki dropped his baby girl to a friend of his, her name is Angelina Dalles. Angelina always wanted a daughter. So he decide for Yumi to have a new life. He dropped a note on top of her blanket. Yumi has been sleeping the whole time. Ulen place a necklace around his daughter's neck as she stirred in her sleep. Ulen knocked on the door. "I'm coming." Ulen's friend Angelina opened the door and gasped seeing Ulen desperatation. "What happen to you Ulen?" Angelina said worrying.

    Ulen explain it to Angelina that he decided for his birth daughter to have a new life. Yumi Hibiki was two months old. "I will take good care of her. What about her relatives and her siblings?" Angelina asked. "She will visit Cagalli Athha that is her older sister and Kira Yamato couldn't contact his adoptive parents since my wife has their numbers. Here is the list and address where she meet them except for the Yamato's family." Ulen explain it very clear to Angelina. "The only one who knows they have a younger sister is Cagalli Athha. Well I'll be going now. Tell Vincent I said Hi." He added. Angelina nodded as she brought the baby inside and cooes her. Angelina will do anything to care for Yumi. "For now on your name will be Yumi Dalles." The baby started to awaken with her cute baby face and her eyes were twinkling. "Mama~" Her first word. Angelina smiled. She cradle the baby and went to her bed and sang a lullaby for her. Angelina watches Yumi starting to fall asleep. You have my word. Ulen. Angelina thought sadly.

    Ulen quickly went to Japan and found his wife in the lab studying until an explosion hits them. Ulen quickly hugged his wife. Cagalli was found in Athha's porch and as for Kira he was found in Yamato's porch, and the last at least Yumi was found in Angelina Dalles's porch.
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    In few years, Yumi turn 13-15 years old begging her adoptive mother to see her relatives. But Angelina says no which made her sad frown as she says, 'maybe next time'. "Lets go meet Ciel alright. Since my sister and I decided for you and Ciel to be engage at age of 13 and be married at age of 20. Ciel is 13 so your the oldest one and your about 16 years old. It was a secretly engage. But Francis who is your aunt and your uncle who is Alexis decided to keep it a secret. So the current engagement will be Ciel and Elizabeth. I know you and Elizabeth doesn't get along. For the time begin please Yumi call me Mama Red okay." Madame Red said to Yumi who nodded agreement. It was last year the day that Yumi found out her parents were dead she was sad she was only 12 years old. She wanted revenge after that she summon a demon maid. And she got herself a symbol something like this it was placed on her right neck.

    And as for Ciel he contacted a demon butler as well his name is Sebastian. It was the day after Yumi's parents was killed. Last night when Yumi was still 12 years old she crack the code on the gundam that her parents gave her she was a zaft coordinator while her idiotical brother take earth alliance coordinator. Somewhere where Cagalli was a princess of Athha she was pushed to the air shutter to space with Kisaka. There was an explosion in Orb Union. Meanwhile, Angelina hold hands with Yumi who recently summon a demon maid so was she but instead of a demon she gotten a reaper named Grell. Yumi got in the carriage with her maid and her mom. She heard someone screaming far distance she just shrugged. She worn a white victorian dress with red lace dangling around her dress she wasn't use to be worn with the corset. Yumi recieve a letter to Earl Phantomhive it was when Mama Red went out for business with her butler. She stayed home.

    During C.E. 71, June 15 in Onogoro Island/Orb Union, Cagalli is now the commander of the Orb Union meaning she is takes orders and commands to her fellow orb union members. She loves Athrun Zala yet she kept it a secret. She is also engaged to Yuna which she dislike him. Cagalli took out the picture of Yumi she wanted to visit her little sister in London that's what her adoptive father told her before he died. It was all nations battling against archangel with orb. Cagalli decided to have a little vacation she told Kasaki that she is going to see her little sister who is currently staying in London. That is the time where Queen Victoria is still alive.

    Cagalli arrived in London. Madame Red death did really hurt Yumi. She knew she lost her biological parents and her adoptive mother. Cagalli finally found Yumi in this estate called 'phantomhive'. "What can I do for you?" Sebastian asked. Yumi was pass by Sebastian she move back and spotted her older sister. "I am Cagalli. I'm looking for Yumi Hibiki-Dalles." Cagalli said. "ONEE-CHAN!!" Yumi shouted and skip and hugged her sister dearly. Both of them cried. Cagalli's phone ranged she pick it up and a bit shocked. Yumi spotted a ring in her older sister's hand. "Is that an engagement right?" Cagalli nodded. "Athrun gave it to me. Anyway I need your help. Orb is being attack by new gundams." She said. Yumi was shocked. "New gundams?" Yumi asked as she told Cagalli to sit down. "Yeah they are Abyss, Gaia, Chaos. We might need your help since your a coordinator for zaft yet you have to work with me. I will inform Archangel and Athrun about you. Did your father gave you the key to open the hachet to Black Knight Gundam?" Cagalli asked to her sister. "Yup I still have it. Yet I forgot how to operate it." Yumi chuckles nervously. Cagalli sighed. "Papa put it in the basement here. Yet I don't have the key to the basement." Yumi said in a serious tone. "Sebastian can you ask Ciel for the key to the basement." Yumi asked kindly. "Yes lady yumi." Sebastian answered and walked back to Ciel's office.

    Sebastian knocked on Young Master's office, "Come in." The boy said. Sebastian walked in. "What is it, Sebastian? Is Yumi alright?" Ciel asked. "She is alright, Young Master. But she has a visitor it happens to be her older sister. That is what Madame Red said before her death." He answered. "Oh and Yumi need the key to the basement. There is something that belongs to her." I know what she needs. The gundam that father told me about when I first met her. I heard gundams before and coordinators. Ciel thought and pull out the drawer and grabbed the key. "Here. Oh and Sebastian inform the queen that I will be on a vacation with Yumi and her siblings. I'll put Badory and Taka in care of the estate. I just need you, finny, and meyrin." Ciel said. "I understand, my lord." Sebastian said and bow he then got the key from young master and saw Yumi still talking to her sister until her phone rang again. "What's wrong onee-chan?" Yumi asked. "Junius-seven is coming this way to orb and all over." Cagalli begin to worry now. Yumi gasped horrorified. "We must move quickly. You have your gundam onee-chan?" Cagalli nodded yes. "If they are going with us I need two people with me in my gundam and you can take the boy and the girl with red hair." Cagalli whispered to Yumi who just nodded.

    "Lady Yumi. I got the key and follow me. Oh and yes Meyrin, Finny, Ciel, and I will be joining you to your trip." Sebastian said. Yumi went near her sister and nudge her on the waist. "Say what ship am I suppose to be in? Eternal or Archangel? Onee-chan" Yumi whispered. Cagalli whispered back, "Eternal. I will inform Kira and Lacus to get you. While I will help Archangel and inform Captain Remuis about this." Cagalli whispered back. This will be Ciel, Finny, Meyrin, and Sebastian first time in space. Once they arrived in the basment, Yumi rushed to the gundam and opened the hachet and got in while Ciel and Meyrin got in as well. As Sebastian and Finny got in with Cagalli. "You two might hold on tight it will get alot bumping ride." Yumi said as she completely finish activating her freedom gundam. Luckily Cagalli gave her sister the seed to her gundam so she kill any gundams that try to attack her first. "Don't look now but the fallen pieces of Junius Seven is heading this way." Cagalli warned Yumi on speaker. "Take off quickly! Yumi!" Cagalli added. Yumi finish activating her gundam and took off and she added an anti-tracker so no one on the other ships in space won't be finding her apparently she found the eternal ship.

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    Once they arrived, Yumi turn on the speaker, "This is Yumi Hibiki. Sister of Cagalli and Kira Yamato. Let me in. I have two people with me." Yumi said annoying. "Alright. I will inform Lacus quickly. This is Andrew Waltfeld, Vice Captain of Eternal. You must move quickly. The others are sensing there are enemies. Open the gate for Freedom Strike."Andrew said as they open the gate. "Were almost there." Yumi said and flew toward the gate. Yumi parked her gundam so the other mechnicals crews repair her gundam. She opened the hachet and got out.

    "This is Cagalli Athha, Andrew can you please open the gate again I got two more people with me and I will go back to Earth with Athrun." Cagalli announced. Andrew sighed again and told the crew to open the gate again. Cagalli got in just in time and opened the hachet revealing Sebastian and Finny. The hachet closed and the golden gundam took off. As the gate closes again. "Say Yumi! Is there a bathroom here!" Yumi nodded and walked to the hallways. She salute to vice captain Andrew Waltfeld. Yumi let Sebastian, Finny, Meyrin, and Ciel to their rooms. "Some of you will be sharing and some of you will be having a single room. Sebastian will have single room, Meyrin and Finny will get single room, and Ciel you can share with me." Ciel started to blush and nodded. Yumi put on her suit for her gundam for the next war. Until the announcement started to speak, "Yumi Hibiki please come to the headquarters, Andrew Waltfeld wish to talk to you." Yumi move toward the headquarters. "Something wrong, Vice Captain?" Andrew nodded and turn on the news. Yumi stared at the news.

    "Once again, our top news. Yesterday afternoon, the nations of the Earth Alliance led by the Atlantic Federation, declared war against the PLANTs and staged a nuclear missle attack a mere on hour after the declaration. However in an act of defense under the command of Supreme Council Chairman Durandal, ZAFT Forces succeeded in destroying the attacking forces at the final line of defense. The Earth Forces have retreated to their Lunar Base, and the attach has ended but the mood continues to be very tense."

    Yumi gasped horrorified. "So what do we do now, Vice Captain." Yumi said worryingly. "We will have to wait for Kira and Lacus Clyne to come back. Just rest alright." Yumi narrow her eyes at the fake Lacus Clyne. Yumi slammed her fist on the table. "I don't accept that fake Lacus Clyne." Yumi spat darkly. Andrew knew that hatred look in her eyes. "Calm down alright but for now just go an rest alright." Yumi nodded and went back to her room and saw Ciel looking at the window. "Back already?" Ciel said and walking to his bed. "Yeah nothing personal." She said. In a few hours, the announcement started to pick up again. "Attention all coordinators please come to the headquarters. All the guests stay in your rooms and don't come out if the crew see if your alright!" Yumi groaned and grabbed her gun and put on her suit. This is the time when Lacus clyne has been targeted. "Yumi your mission is to protect archangel I'll contact Lacus and Murrue. Once Lacus is done helping you two can come back to Eternal. Don't worry I'll care of your guest." Andrew said.

    After the war between Orb and Minerva are fighting, Andrew told Yumi to stop the battle with Kira and Archangel. "Yumi Dalles. Strike. Taking off!" Yumi said firmly as she flew out of the ship and located the where the archangel is at. "Ki-onii!" Yumi said she was able to contact Kira and Athrun on her gundam. "Yu?" Kira/Athrun said at the same time as it reveals to be strike freedom. Kira's old gundam. Yumi saw Athrun's gundam savior going down. "Really! Ugh! NO complaints Athrun! I'm taking you to Eternal." Yumi shouted. "ONii-chan go after Cagalli I'll help there!" Kira nodded as Athrun nodded quickly. Yumi grabbed parts of the his gundam and took off with so much speed like a vampire.

    "Andrew open the gate now!" She zoom so fast clutching on Athrun's gundam and went inside the gate. Yumi look down and saw those chubs noobs repairing the gundams. "Oi Fattie!" Yumi shouted from her gundam. Athrun started to chuckle. "Who are you calling me fat! Brat!" "Fix Saviors gundam now! I'm going back and help Kira-nii!" Yumi barked darkly. Making the repairs flinched and nodded quickly. She saw a scythe and took it and took off with so much speed its hard to attack her. She can see Captain Todaka-san's ship sinking a bit. She pray for his death. Yumi has this hatred look in her eyes to the core splendor. She was born in Orb but this gone too far. She also disapprove Cagalli's engagement with Yuna. Yumi has this trust issue with Yuna she doesn't trust him at all. "Rest in peace, Captain Todaka-san." Yumi mutters. She gives pity to her older sister who is being softy she needs to man up. hm I think I'll visit his grave when they find his body. I might visit Cagalli's adoptive father grave. But I am not visiting that Yuna crybaby grave if he dies that he deserves it. Yumi thought.

    Yumi then found archangel ship underwater it wasn't so bad to find. "Oi Archangel, I am not your enemy I am from Eternal. Open the gate will you at least. This is Yumi Dalles." Yumi said. The gate open slightly she swam with her gundam and got in just in time as the gate closes. Yumi got out of her gundam and went to the headquarters. "So what did I miss since I've been taking my time." Captain Remuis went to explain it to Yumi. "Go with Kira for this he needs some help." Yumi nodded. Yumi went to get a drink first and took a huge gulp then went back to her gundam and flew off and found Kira. "Kira-nii!" Kira spotted Yumi's gundam. "Look out!" She shouted and use her scythe and swung it at the enemy with full speed. "Thanks Yu!" Kira said. Yumi then turn on her music inside her gundam. Her gundam turns completely black. "Nii-chan go and take care.. I'll take care of this core splendor." Yumi said firmly. As for Shinn Asuka notice a new gundam it turns black all of sudden. Who is this? why is this one helping freedom! He thought angrily glaring at the gundam in front of him he started to attack first but this gundam dodge so quickly and ended up behind him. Yumi quickly contact the gundam. "Too slow. for a mere mortal." A feminine voice with venom tone. Shinn was shocked he is attacking a girl in that gundam. "Who are you!" He asked. "I am Yumi Dalles, known as Freedom Pilot's little sister!" She barked darkly. Shinn was still shocked. So that Freedom has a little sister just like me. He thought. Yumi notice she has been distracted and went toward the ship and use the unlimited weapon. The seed to her gundam turn activate make that two. Yumi saw that core splendor and her nii-chan battle she send a 100% percent layer barrier and it heals the damage on his gundam its invisible so its hard to see it.

    Somewhere in Minerva, "A new gundam appears to be in front of Archangel." Athur said. "It's Black Knight the newest gundam. It look exactly the same as Strike Gundam but the weapons has scythe in it." Meyrin said. "Plus it says she is a sibling to freedom and Cagalli-san I mean younger sister." Captian Gladys was still completely shocked to hear this. Meyrin added. Yumi saw the battle and she is extremely pissed. Oh my god! Taking a vegence over a stupid girl seriously how can boys be so stupid. I'm texting Athrun for this. Ara, I found you Nii-chan. Yumi thought as she spotted her brother gundam and dragged it to Archangel ship. Once they got in Archangel she took out her phone and texted Athrun that Kira is alive but knock out pretty bad.

    To: Athrun
    Don't worry Kira is alive just got knock out pretty bad.
    No injuries. But next time think of which side your suppose to
    be in before someone suspect that your friends with Kira-nii..
    ~ Yu

    She send it by text and went to see if Kira is alright. "How is Kira-nii?" Yumi said. "He is doing alright for now no damage. But we might need to repair freedom." Cagalli said. *bing* Yumi went to check her message and saw Athrun reply it says, Thanks you, Yu. Can you call me and I'll put it on speaker. Yumi groaned. Yumi dial Athrun number, "Oi Athrun." "Hold on a second Yu." Yumi whined. Meanwhile in the Minerva, Shinn came out of his gundam smirking happily. "Wait hold on a second, what do you mean? Yu." Athrun said on his phone. "I mean that once my parents were dead I summon a demon in order to complete what my parents started or something like that." "A DEMON!" Athrun shouted. "Hey, hey stop shouting. Sheesh yes a demon. What do you except. You could have done it as well to keep your word to your father!" "Sorry Yu. Anyway I'm putting you up on speaker." "Okay make it snappy, Andrew Waltfeld is going to call me any second!" Athrun sighed. "Who are you calling to, your girlfriend? Athrun." Shinn sneer. "No. The sister of Freedom. I'm pretty sure she is highly pissed at what you did to her brother." Athrun said. Shinn snatch the phone from Athrun. "What's your relationship with freedom, Athrun?" "OI I CAN HEAR YOU ON THE PHONE DIMSH*T! ATHRUN ZALA IS FREEDOM'S CHILDHOOD FRIEND! HE HAS A SOFT SIDE TO DO IT! PLUS HE CARES FOR HIM LIKE HIS BROTHER!" Yumi screech. Shinn cringed on his ear. "Ow not the ear!" He shouted back. "Then turn off the speaker idiot!" Shinn turn off the speaker. "Is that better whimp?" Shinn twitch annoyance for that insult. "Who do you believe Gillbert or yourself. I wish to speak to Athrun-nii!" Shinn sighed and gave the phone back to Athrun and they started to talk about something.

    In London
    Elizabeth went to hide with her family in their basement with a radio whats going on. As for the Phantomhive Estate; Badory, Taka-san, and Mirillia stayed in the basement with the radio. "What's going to happen? Mirillia?" Badory asked worryingly. "I do not know but I am trying to contact to Eternal ship." Mirlillia said and work a device to contact with the eternal ship. "This Mirillia, Lacus clyne are there? I wish to speak to you." Somewhere in space, "Lacus you got a call from London." Andrew said. Lacus nodded and open it. "Yes this is Lacus Clyne who might you be?" She said. Mirillia was relieved and thank to Yumi to teach her how to communicate with other ships. "I am Mirillia is my mistress Yumi alright? And Finny's master Ciel Phantomhive is alright too?" Lacus looked at Martin to check. "Yumi isn't in the ship but she will be back she is with Archangel. She inform that Athrun got hurt and got another one from Minerva ship." Lacus said.
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