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Posted 2/11/15
Hey guys,

Just wanted to give you a list of what I consider to be the best TTRPGS that allow you to play all sorts of anime, manga and video game related stories. I also include a short summary and my personal opinion about them.

1- Double Cross

A game where normal people suddenly gain weird powers because of an unknown virus. There are many classic anime powers such as strings that cut like blades, objects made out of blood, gravity control and monstrous transformations. There's mystery and conspiracies, the plot reminds me a bit of Guilty Crown.

The rules are slightly crunchy, but they are also deep because of it. I heard that there is going to be an expansion later this year that basically changes the game into .Hack or Sword Art Online.

2- Fight! The Fighting Game RPG

If you like Street Fighter, Tekken, Soul Calibur, etc., this could be the game for you. It tries to emulate those stories that appear in anime and video games where there's a tournament of some sort and you have to fight your way through the story. Thematically and mechanically, your moves and attacks actually represent buttons and joystick sequences, except that you don't press or move anything, of course, you roll dice instead.

The rules are pretty crunchy and can get a bit complex though.

3- Golden Sky Stories

If you like Hayao Miyazaki's works or even 'slice of life' type anime, you will probably love this one. You play as mythical creatures that transform into animals, humans, or something in between, helping a small rural town with their everyday problems. It's an easy going and peaceful game.

The rules are very easy to learn and is suitable for young or mature audiences alike.

4- Maid The Roleplaying Game

If you love maid and/or 'harem' type anime, this game will allow you to carry out those crazy adventures. You play as maids that try to serve their master in all sorts of wacky situations, be it outer space battles, happy-go-lucky countryside adventures, etc. The maids can be cyborgs, ninja, aliens, demons, angels and many more things.

The rules are easy to learn, but it could be a bit niche to find male players that want to play as maids, or female players that aren't offended by the game's elements.

5- Mekton Zeta

A game for Macross and Gundam fans. You can build your mecha and engage in all sorts of epic battles and dramatic plotlines. You can also play Evangelion and Mazinger type games, but the experience is just decent IMO.

The rules are very complex and crunchy, at least when it comes to mecha construction.

6- OVA The Anime Roleplaying Game

The best universal system I have seen, at least when it comes to portraying anime. You can play any game, any theme, any story that you want, related to anime, manga, games, etc.

The rules are not that hard, and the book offers a great introducion to TTRPGs.

7- Ryuutama

This game is supposed to come out this year. The prototype version felt like Dragon Quest or Lodoss War, but this time, the main characters are average people, such as merchants, minstrels, etc. The challenge is getting them through situations that are, obviously, way above their level.

It seems pretty simple to play so far, it reminds me of those old SNES games.

8- Tenra Bansho Zero

If you like Ninja Scroll, Ninja Resurrection, Karas, Samurai 7 and whatnot, you should try this game. It's a game with lots of action, drama and bizarre characters, such as a doctor that can heal people using the powers provided by a parasite inside his body, or a biological mech a la Evangelion. And of course, you also have ninja with exaggerated ninpo and samurai with the strength of the incredible Hulk.

The rules are somewhat crunchy, but the theme, mechanics and rich plotline is certainly worth it.

9- Anima Beyond Fantasy

There are two versions of this game, a horribly translated one by Fantasy Flight Games and the original revised Spanish version. Get the Spanish version if you are proficient with the language. The game is said to be pretty much tabletop Final Fantasy, with over the top attacks and magics, such as creating a miniature sun to attack your enemies.

Sadly, the game has been criticized severely because of it's overcomplicated rules and it's religious theme that could hurt some cultural sensibilities.

I hope you find this list useful.
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Posted 2/11/15
Double Cross sounds interesting, I don't have anyone to play these type of games with though. Being a loner has it's disadvantages I suppose.
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Posted 2/11/15
Yes, Double Cross is pretty good and apparently a big hit in Japan, at least in the roleplaying community.

I hear you SacredBlood77, I've had a couple of dry seasons too; during that time though, play by forum or via skype, google hangouts, etc. is a pretty good option.

If you like to play online, check out roll20 or, they have plenty of gamers there organizing games on a daily basis (haven't seen a DC game there yet though), and if you don't like playing face to face with strangers, playing by forum is a great alternative.
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Posted 1/15/17
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