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Will Osamu Mikumo from world trigger become strong?
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Posted 12/5/15 , edited 12/5/15

KmobClips wrote:

Hey there guys, I was wondering, will the main protagonist in World Trigger, Osamu Mikumo, ever become strong by getting some kind of different power (whether a special trigger, or something else) or will he continue to stay weak and lag behind the rest? Is he gonna to forever stay as the kind of character in the anime that shows that you don't need powers to overcome challenges, you can defeat anything through hard work/ determination, friendship and being kind to others! Was being sarcastic btw...

So, to answer your question, yes. If you read the Manga, something JUST recently happened with Osamu. I won't spoil anything, but if you want to find out, you can check out the World Trigger Manga thread here:

I tend to discuss it a lot and keep up with each chapter as they release weekly at Shonen Jump!

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