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Posted 2/12/15 , edited 2/12/15
ok so quetio has anyone else haveing problums with the manga app on there phones? it opens up fine but oce i click on a chapter it usally gives me either a network error or a not responding error messege any ideas oin what the issue is im paying its use after all
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Posted 2/12/15
Sometimes, but restarting my Iphone causes it to work properly.
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Posted 2/16/15
Yes, I've been having this same sort of problem a lot lately. The app typically stops working when I try to open a chapter, and if it does succeed in opening the chapter, I often end up with a network error or the images not loading. In the past, restarting my phone has helped, but it doesn't always work. I tried just now, for example, and the app just keeps crashing. Things work fine on the web, so there isn't a network problem on my side and the manga page image should load. The app is nice enough when it works, but it's crashing and/or failing a lot more than it's working lately though. Could people at Crunchyroll look into this and fix it somehow, releasing an update if necessary? FWIW, I'm using running Android 4.4.4 with Manga app v2.0.4. Thanks.
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Posted 2/21/15 , edited 2/22/15
As I've commented on the app's Play Store page,

1. The app needs a "reload this page" button for those with "Image load failed" errors.

2. Lately, the app crashes anytime I try to load any chapter of any manga in CR's library through it, making the app completely unusable.
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