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Heartwarming anime?
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Posted 2/17/15 , edited 2/17/15
Some really good suggestions above. These are ones I haven't seen suggested:

Kanamemo (about a little girl finding a family in friends),
Mitsudomoe (about 3 quirky little triplet sisters getting into trouble)
Is the Order A Rabbit? (about young girls becoming family through friendship)
A Bridge Under Starry Skies (although it seems a bit of a harem at first it isn't really. It's about a group of friends getting closer)
Soul Eater Not (about 3 girls from different walks of life becoming surrogate sisters)
Celestial Method (about a group of friends reuniting after lost friendship)
Kinmoza (about a group of young girls becoming friends despite language/nationality differences)
Read or Die (an adventure involving 3 quirky sisters)
Galilei Donna (an adventure about a broken/dysfunctional family growing back together)

are some of my favorites.
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Posted 1/15/17 , edited 1/16/17
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