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Posted 2/13/15
Sometimes it's hard to know which anime to watch. We all have different tastes. Whether they be popular or not is no indicator of whether you are going to like it or not. So to help people who are looking for a new anime to watch, let's do this:

First, name a random anime (it doesn't have to be your favorite). Second, recommend it for a certain demographic. And third, dissuade another demographic from watching it.

Recommended for: Newbies and casuals
Not recommended for: Veterans and elitists

Get it? Let's begin!
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20 / M
Posted 2/13/15 , edited 2/15/15
Naruto, Bleach, One Piece.

Recommended for: No one.

Not recommended for: Everyone.
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Posted 2/13/15
Obligatory School Days recommendation.

Recommended for: everyone

Not recommended for: no one.

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