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Post Reply Problems with 1.1.2
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Posted 4/9/15

KJoiceVe9279 wrote:
If it isn't fixed this month, I unfortunately have to end my subscription with Crunchyroll.

Ditto. At this point Crunchyroll is starting to look dead. I wonder how many of these hundreds of thousands of subscribers are actually active accounts and are able to watch quality anime whenever and wherever they like, as promised.

Not only is this apparent demise crappy for us; it's crappy for the employees of CR that depend on management to _make this fix happen_ (so that they can keep their jobs), and it's especially crappy for the industry, as it's going to lose a much-needed source of revenue. Such a shame.
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Posted 4/9/15 , edited 4/9/15
Strangely , I have a no-name tablet from Best Buy , android 4.4 Kit Kat and haven't had any issues with it . It's a DigiLand brand ,10.1 screen running a quad core w/1 gb of memory,16gb of storage , capable of up to 720p on the tablet , 1080p out of the hdmi connector . I'll try running a full episode again tomorrow and see if anything will happen . I just wish I could run the website like I could on Jellybean . No Adobe flash on Kit Kat , just HTML 5...Believe me , I don't doubt anyone's issues one bit .
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Posted 4/10/15
well thats the issue, not all devices are having a problem... but if your device is on the list with the problem its a real pain to watch the anime. I dont understand why CR wont just switch to HTML5 and be done with it. that way people can watch it in the browser on ANY device if the app is not working.

but even if they dont do that...2 months is insane for a fix....(see my other post)....I have multiple tablets and it only works on one of them

galaxy tab s - 5.02 seems to work fine
nexus 9 - 5.01 - video stop's, shutters etc (like others have reported)
dell venue 8 7840 (new one) kitkat - app crashes all the time.
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