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What anime(s) do you wish had another season?
Posted 2/16/15 , edited 11/25/15

Khaltazar wrote:

_Janet_ wrote:
As Always Gotta mention the Saint Seiya Franchise first .

I wish Saint Seiya Omega had a third season I want to see more Seiya, Eden, Koga & the rest of the Gold Saints fighting with other Gods.
Saint Seiya : the lost canvas it really deserves another season
Inu x Boku ss
Blue Exorcist
Tokyo Ravens

Saint Seiya - I cannot comment on this since I have never watched it, but the art style alone just turns me off.

Inu x Boku SS - Really nothing actually happened in this series. I had to force myself to finish it since I was almost done. The show seemed to have a plot but quickly went into random sub-plots that really made no sense.

Blue Exorcist - This series had it's huge hype when it released and was set up with a possibly lengthy plot line and instead resorted to end everything in 2-3 episodes randomly. I wouldn't give that series another chance.

Btooom! - I enjoyed the first season but I don't see a reason for a second season as the "game" has ended. Do you want to see what happens to the characters after they fly out of there? It wouldn't be very fun in my opinion.

Tokyo Ravens - I have not heard of this series so I cannot comment on it.


Yes I know two major issues why people wont give Saint Seiya a chance is either the artwork is hideous or because they saw the English version of the Anime which was nothing compared to the Japanese version. The English Version was a complete disaster :/ But anyways I think its kinda dumb not to give an Anime a chance because of the Artwork. My opinion is the Artwork isn't what makes an Anime great but the Storyline and it's Character's. Who doesn't enjoying watching a bunch of people with Strong Cosmos transform into Saints & have the mission to fight all types of Gods to maintain the World in peace & protect the Goddess Athena .. This Anime is all about Fighting, Friendship and protecting someone important .. I would advice you to go pass the Artwork and give it a chance because your missing out on a great Show .. Oh & If your a fan of Bleach the Author of it was inspired by Saint Seiya and used a lot of the fighting techniques.. So all the Bleach Fans should thank Saint Seiya that Bleach was created ..

For the other 4 Anime I really hope it's given another Season I personally wouldn't mind it at all ..
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Posted 2/17/15
Full Metal Panic! - So many unanswered questions and new characters being introduced towards the end of the most recent season. I'm sure I wasn't the only one who was expecting a sequel after TSR, but it never happened and probably never will...

SKET Dance - This show was hilarious! Shocked when a third season never came...

The World God Only Knows - I'm definitely not a fan of harem shows, but Keima's awesome and I need more of him! Elsie too! She's adorable! I was so bummed that she was hardly in the most recent season.

Sunday Without God - Still waiting... That first season was amazing and I need more. Beautiful musical score too!
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jabberwock island
Posted 2/17/15
fruits basket
07 ghost
blue exorcist
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Posted 2/17/15 , edited 2/18/15
Maoyuu Maou Yuusha
Real Drive
Battle Angel Alita - Gunnm
Library War
Lodoss War
No Game No Life
Nanana's buried treasures
Cyber City
Spice and Wolf

That would be good for starters
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22 / Pennsylvania
Posted 2/17/15
Problem children from another world
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27 / M
Posted 2/17/15 , edited 3/5/15
If i only get one then Spice and Wolf.

There is a lack of shows about Pagan wheat gods kicking ass at Medieval Economics. "Stupid Potato!"
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20 / F
Posted 2/17/15
Soul Eater and Noragami.
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25 / M / Melbourne Australia
Posted 2/17/15
Full metal alchemist

Hunter x Hunter

Blast of tempest


Fate/stay night.

& so much more. D:
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20 / M / USA
Posted 2/18/15 , edited 3/5/15
Reborn so MANY questions left unanswered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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F / New York City
Posted 2/18/15
Ayyy!~ So many!!!! >//<
The Irregular at Magic High School and Soul Eater. I want to see Maka and Soul get married :DDD
Hopefully, No Game No Life and RWBY will get renewed for a season 2. So many stuff are left unanswered!!!
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Posted 2/18/15
The 12 Kingdoms - the director got into an accident or something and production was halted

Robotech: Sentinels would have been good if they ever would have completed the season

Azumanga Diaoh
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22 / M / TX
Posted 2/18/15
Soul Eater (ending was very weak) and of course HxH (I just love the show)
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23 / M
Posted 2/18/15 , edited 2/18/15
You can put me on the list of people who want Deadman Wonderland to adapt the rest of the manga. Of course, that's unlikely since the anime did terribly in Japan (which is why Toonami was able to pick it up for cheap), and it's also missing three, count 'em, three major characters, which makes a season 2 practically impossible.

I both do and do not want a reboot of Soul Eater. The ending to the anime was bad, but the end of the manga was
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36 / M / Washington
Posted 2/23/15 , edited 2/23/15
I wish Gantz continued, and didn't just stop with that god awful filler ending... If they make a season 2 they can just turn that "battle" that happened into a "nightmare" that kei had, so we can all just ignore the fact that it happened in the first place.
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Posted 2/23/15
Need a season of hitman reborn finish the arc
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