Help! I need an anime list to watch! *FLUFF*
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Posted 2/16/15 , edited 2/17/15

I am a new CR girl!

I have a huge soft spot for fluff anime. But not complete nonsense, the emotional kind, that pulls on my heart strings. Examples are "Wolf girl and Black Prince", "Blue Spring Ride"... stuff like that (Even animes like "Love Stage" ). You know the kind of anime when the girl falls in love with a bad boy/jerk who turns out is actually kind.

BUT I want anime with closure.

I have recently researched that it is custom to have open ended endings in most anime, which kills me (that's why I loved Inuyasha's final act.....SO MUCH CLOSURE <3 )

I want at least a kiss! Honestly I would LOVE if they got together in the end or even make love :D
Give me the dirty, why not! I want it all!

Because...It hurts my soul when true love's feelings are unresolved like "Soul Eater". -_-

If anyone can help me conjure an extensive list so I can watch until my heart is content, that would be so awesome!

Much Love

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Posted 2/16/15 , edited 2/17/15
My Little Monster
Say "I Love You"
Kotoura-san ( just finished it, was an amazing time, forget if they actually kissed though )
Toradora! ( Goes from emotional to light hearted so fast you might have heart complications )

Highly recommend all of these, enjoyed every second of them.
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Posted 2/16/15 , edited 2/17/15

Myself; Yourself (i personally loved the ending)
Mayo Chiki (Maybe)
One Week Friends
Ben-To (kind of actiony and directed towards male audience but has some fluff)
Astarotte's Toy (controversial story line but has fluff and good closure, although a lot of fanservice if you dislike ecchi then stay away)
Acchi Kocchi
Your Lie in April
Vampire Knight (and Vampire knight Guilty)
Golden Time

underlined are ones i'd highly recommend based off what you gave as an explanation.
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watch some sakurasou
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Posted 2/17/15 , edited 2/17/15
Maid-Sama, SA: Special A, and Itazaru na Kiss all seem right up your alley. They are each on Hulu, but not CR; that being said, each is a fluffy, horribly unrealistic, but fun romantic comedy, and Itazaru na Kiss even has a jerk boyfriend and carries well past the mutual declaration of love.

As for other Romances with good endings, here's a big list for you. I've marked the ones on CR; most of the rest are on Hulu:

A Bridge to the Starry Sky (ecchi harem; CR)
Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka (ecchi harem)
Aishiteruze Baby
Amagami SS / SS+ (my favorite guilty pleasure)
Angel Beats (CR)
Clannad / After Story (The second season you actually see a good part of their relationship as it develops WAY beyond boyfriend-girlfriend)
Dusk Maiden of Amnesia
ef: Tale of Memories (CR; sex included)
Eureka Seven (Romance w/ sci-fi action; some of the best character development you'll ever see though)
Familiar of Zero (four seasons, only the last is on CR; though they are a more-or-less a couple after S1)
Golden Time (CR; one of better series about a couple in relationship)
Happiness (CR)
I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying (CR; 4 min episodes; about a married couple, so sex)
Kimikiss: Pure Rouge
Koutora-San (CR)
Love, Chunibyo, & Other Delusions (CR)
Mashiroiro Symphony (CR)
My Little Monster (CR)
Myself; Yourself (CR)
Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu (First two seasons on CR; good ending comes with Finale OVAs)
Otome Youkai Zakuro (CR)
Please Teacher (about a "married" couple, so sex--eventually)
Please Twins
Toradora (CR)

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Posted 2/20/15 , edited 2/20/15
Wolf Children
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