Shiki Resurrection
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Posted 2/17/15 , edited 2/17/15
I'm currently working on a Shiki fan-fiction continuation story. Thinking of doing it within 13 chapters, expanding on where the anime left the story.

I felt the story just stopped rather than an actual ending.

This fan-fiction started as a dream i had shortly after rewatching the series with the ovas with my brother. I took the dream and wrote it down, expanding the original survivors as well as new characters to the world of Shiki.

I hope to have the first few chapters up soon, after moderating my writing. I also hope that fellow fans of Shiki like the fan-fiction.

I just wish to also say that I in no way own the rights or ip to shiki, it's characters and respect the original creator. The new characters are my own creation but are purely for the fan-fiction.

There are a planned 13 chapters but it depends if the story expands any further, which is already likely with what I've written so far.

I hope to capture the very essence of Shiki while branching into my own writing of horror.
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Posted 1/4/17 , edited 1/4/17
End of the year clean up closing all the old threads!
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