Why the world economy will soon collapse.
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The answer is a two word phrase called "peak oil". Modern society is dependent on oil. Virtually all of our economic activities are dependent on oil. The computer you are using is made of plastics, which comes from oil. Virtually everything in your house was either made of oil or arrived there because of oil-based transportation. There are currently no substitutes for oil. And we are unlikely to find any substitute for oil anytime soon. Most importantly, oil is a nonrenewable resource, because it takes tens of millions of years to form.

Peak oil is the proven theory that oil production will eventually peak or reach a maximum. After which, oil production will enter an irreversible decline. 2014/2015 was the year of global peak oil. Afterwards, the amount of oil produced around the world will enter a permanent decline. As that happens, the amount of oil available to us will decline gradually year after year. We will have less and less oil. And as oil production can no longer meet oil demand, the price of oil will become much more volatile and higher, which will cause economic turmoil. Eventually oil becomes so scarce that industrial civilization can no longer function, which will cause a collapse of our modern society.

Don't be naive to think that our modern civilization is infallible. The people on Easter Island thought their civilization was infallible, but it still fell. Countless past civilizations, which eventually fell, probably also thought their civilizations will infallible. We are about to suffer the same fate as the people on Easter Island, which is a complete social and economic collapse.

The following decades will see oil prices become much more volatile and higher. Products from far away places will become rarer and more expensive. Food will become more expensive because modern food systems rely on oil for food production and distribution. As oil becomes more expensive and scarce, the price of food will go up because it will cost more to produce and transport food. Eventually products from far away places will disappear altogether. The same goes for food. The average piece of food in a USA supermarket has been transported 1400 miles from where it was produced. When oil becomes too scarce and expensive, food will become too expensive. Eventually, food will disappear from grocery stores altogether. Don't think that's impossible. Think of this way. In order for food to arrive at the supermarkets, it needs to be transported by oil-powered trucks. When oil becomes too scarce and expensive, the trucks will run out of fuel, and consequently will not be able to make anymore deliveries of food to the supermarkets. Also, food production relies heavily on oil, and when oil becomes too scarce and expensive, food production will also go down. Basically oil shortages will inevitably lead to food shortages. And food shortages will cause the human population to decrease as a result of famine and war.

At the beginning of the 20th century, there were only 1.6 billion people on this planet. The population exploded to over 7 billion people in the early 21st century primarily because of fossil-fuel aided agriculture. By using fossil fuels to dramatically increase food production, we were able to dramatically increase population. But without fossil fuels, food production will have to go down, which will cause the population to go down with it. Without fossil fuels, we cannot feed our current population. Inevitably our population will decline as oil production declines.

The only way you can survive the upcoming economic collapse (caused by oil depletion) is to grow your own food locally. Learn how to garden and farm your own food, and encourage your neighbors to do the same. When supermarkets no longer have any food on their shelves, you would need to grow your own food locally in order to survive.

I've done extensive research on the subject of peak oil and how it will cause an economic collapse over the past 8 months. I'm pretty knowledgeable about peak oil and economic collapse. I've learned tons of information about peak oil and economic collapse on Youtube, various websites, and reading books. If you don't believe in what I'm telling you, I can provide you with links to verify all of the information I'm telling you. Anyways, I would like to share this information with you, and I hope you found it useful.

Here's a good starting point to become educated on the upcoming economic collapse.

Read this book. It is a must read for anyone who wants to survive the upcoming collapse of modern civilization.

Peak Oil and Die-Off


Also watch the following documentaries on peak oil and economic collapse called

A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash


Collapse (by Michael Ruppert)


The following two videos is where I made my predictions that the economy will crash within the next ten years

Peak Oil strikes 2020: Oil price spike causes Worldwide Depression and Food shortages


German Army Peak Oil Study - within 10 years oil shortages may collapse global economy


Do some more research on peak oil and economic collapse if you want to survive the upcoming collapse of modern civilization. I strongly recommend you create an account on the following forum...


to ask for advice on how to survive the upcoming economic collapse and learn more about peak oil.

Of course, you can ignore reality, and continue business as usual. Business as usual will not last for much longer. I have facts and science on my side. The people who make the claim that "we can easily replace oil with some other energy source" have no idea what they are talking about. They are engaging in wishful thinking and delusion. Clearly you have done zero research on the subject if you believe that business as usual can continue indefinitely. These people will most likely die in the upcoming collapse of industrial civilization. But you can't save everyone because the world population must be reduced by the oil depletion.

I don't believe the world population will be any more than 2 billion people by the end of this century as famine, war and disease (resulting from oil depletion) will reduce our population. I don't expect everyone to accept this message. I know for a fact that some people will continue delusional thinking that "everything is fine. We can continue business as usual." Of course, these people will die, and they don't deserve to live.

And for anyone that ignores this message, well too bad for them. I plan on surviving the collapse of this civilization, and all of the naysayers can go screw themselves. They don't deserve to live on this planet. Anyone making the claim that "Technology will save the day. We can just find something to replace oil" is clearly an idiot, and has done zero research on the subject. If you've done the research, you will realize that there are currently ZERO suitable replacements for oil. And there will likely not be any suitable replacements for oil. So when oil becomes too scarce, the collapse of modern civilization is inevitable. Read the book I linked to find out why there are currently no suitable replacements for oil, and even if we did by some miracle find a replacement, it will do us no good if we continue our infinite growth paradigm. These cornucopian people are delusional and will just end up dying because they are unable to prepare for the hardships that lie ahead.

I will be vindicated by facts and reality when this collapse happens. And all of the doubters will probably be dead from starvation because they were too arrogant and foolish to accept reality and adapt.
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Posted 2/17/15 , edited 2/18/15

DesuMaiden wrote:

The answer is a two word phrase called "peak oil". Modern society is dependent on oil. Virtually all of our economic activities are dependent on oil.

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