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Posted 2/18/15 , edited 2/18/15
Hi everyone!

Let's start ....

This Anime currently has 19 episodes so far ( as of the 18th of Feb) with the Manga far ahead on Vol 70 ( As of Feb 18 2015) released in 2009 and drawn by Mizuho Kusanagi ; and is on going.

My first impressions of this anime were hopeful.

This anime is visually stunning and I love all the characters and their development so far. The music is good ( the instrumental opening does change around episode 15 with to "Akatsuki no Hana" (暁の華; Flower of the Dawn)
by Cyntia which is quite catchy)

The characters struggle a bit in their development and not everything is simply handed to them , which I really like. I find that the character Yona is really growing on me , she isn't the tsundere she started out as and is constantly proving herself to be more than just a spoiled princess who is constantly needing to be saved.

Now I wont go into the plot too much as I actually want you to watch this anime. If you are a fan of animes like Fushigi Yuugi, Inuyasha or Kenshin you will enjoy this anime.

Once the anime is at 25 episodes I will do a more in depth review on it. For now watch it and give me your opinion!

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