Problem with my Youtube layout
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Posted 2/19/15 , edited 2/19/15
So yesterday I had to fix my computer because I had it with it taking thirty minutes just to start up. The problem was in its hard drive and I had to install a new one which means setup everything from scratch again.

So right now I got everything back to normal the same it was before disk replacement, but I still have one problem that I don't know how to fix and that is my Youtube layout.

As you can see in this picture this is how it should look right.

But now, this is how it looks. You see this empty horizontal space above the Recommended space (and video pages) and the my dashboard, subscriptions and playlist column is moved way down that I can't use it unless I zoom out the page and make everything small to the point I can't read anything. What's even more frustrating is the page stays normal for a split second and I'm not fast enough to use the dashboard quick enough before it moves downward like that. So what's the deal here?

For the record, I use Windows 7 32 bit and my browser is Firefox, and yes I tried deleting my cookies and cache but with no result.
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Posted 2/19/15 , edited 3/2/15
It's really stupid feature but kinda meant for smaller screens.

It does the same thing on my screen because i like to use half the screen for browser page but the bar you're talking about appears when i stretch the page to 4/6th of screen.

You can drop down the menu using the small icon next to YouTube image.
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Posted 1/18/17 , edited 1/19/17
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