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Posted 2/19/15 , edited 2/21/15

Hello there!
Here, you can introduce yourselves to your
fellow members of the group and learn about each other.
Just tell who you are, your hobbies, interests etc. You can
include pictures/gifs if you like :] But be sure not to literally
spam with pictures/gifs, kay?

Mia - 17years - June02 - Thai

My hobbies probably include editing, watching movies, listening to music, fangirling(though that's more like a professional job...) and reading books. I have 3 cats and 5 dogs as well as 2 hamsters living in my messy house. Sometimes I occasionally play games here and then whenever I have time. I'm a busy person due to school and my singing lessons (aint even boasting). Welp, that's all I can say for now...
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