Grand chase is closing, anyone playing right now?
Posted 2/20/15 , edited 2/20/15
So all the Grand Chase servers are closing (except for Korean GC) and I'm playing as much as I can because I love the game and I (and everyone else) won't be able to play it again after April 15th. (Unless there's a private server going on somewhere, but so far-- no sign of it)

I'm not really comfortable entering random rooms because:
a) 70% of them speak Spanish
b) 25% of them speak Indonesian
c) 4% of them call people noobs or bash on gc
d) I'm bad at socializing-- (or just never found people who spoke English)

So does anyone play? I'm kind of just soloing a lot and getting friends to play whenever they're available which is not all the time :T.

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Posted 2/21/15 , edited 2/21/15
havent played in a lot of time got in the game when Edel come out and got to 56 lvl i think but there was nobody to play and i become bored so why are they closing the servers ?
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Posted 6/8/15 , edited 6/8/15
OP Nuked. Locked.
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