I need help finding other anime
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Posted 2/20/15
Hi all! I would consider myself a bit of a late bloomer on the anime side of things (mid 20's here) and the only things I really watched pre-college were pokemon and dbz. I am looking for some suggestions and I was wondering whether some of you would be able to help based on what I have seen so far (I enjoyed all of these shows). I am not really into the pure comedy or pure action stuff...I enjoy shows that have a bit more complexity (generally). I provided a list of everything I have watched or am currently watching... I enjoyed them all for different reasons. Despite that, these will likely seem a little random to some of you. Thanks for any help you can provide!

Log Horizon
Your Lie in April
Honey and Clover 1/2 (probably still my favorite)
Nodame Cantabile (all)
Elfen Lied
Akame ga Kill
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Cowboy Bebop
SAO 1/2
Attack on Titan
Eden of the East
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Posted 2/20/15
I'd start with:

Clannad/Clannad: After Story
Eureka Seven
Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

All are smart shows with some complexity and drama to them.
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Posted 2/20/15
Here's a few that came to mind:
Darker than Black
Wolfs Rain
Shin Sekai Yori
Serial Experiments Lain

Mekakucity Actors is really good too, but can be hit or miss. The story isn't really chronologically told but it does make sense if you pay attention. Also, there are clips at the end of almost every episode (after the credits) that are key to the plot near the end.

Ef-a tale of memories/melodies is another really unique one. There are a great deal of scenes where the visuals are amazing.

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Posted 2/22/15
Thanks for the help everyone :). I will start with those and see how it goes.
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Posted 1/15/17
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