Patissiere Summons a Demon?
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Patissiere Summons a Demon?

« ѕυммαяу »

xxx Sakura decided to stay with her aunt in Japan. Somewhere in London it was Ciel turn into a demon along with his butler Sebastian. She summon two demons for some reasons. It was the day when her parents passed away as patissere and patissier. Sakura decided to continue to start her dreams as a Patissiere. Her aunt her name is Annalise Midford-Yuuki she is Alexis Leon Midford's younger sister and she is related to the Midford & Phantomhive's Family but she didn't tell this to her niece about this. Annalise was married by a wealthy husband who is a patissier. Annalise loves Sakura as her own daughter but when she was younger she was adopted by the Yuuki's family. (Pairings: Ichigo/Kashino , Sakura(OC)/Demon Ciel)

xxx Annalise's niece Sakura got accepted in St. Marie Academy in Japan so she started to move in a room a luxury room for her butlers to move in and help her. She is excellent with other subjects and french but she is having trouble speaking in English that is her worst subject. But she didn't know that her butlers are from London which made it more useful for her to learn english by them.

« ¢нαяα¢тєяѕ »


Sakura Yuuki as
Kyandi (Sweet Spirit) as
Annelise Midford-Yuuki as
Ciel Phantomhive as
Sebastian Michaelis as
Ichigo Amano as
Kashino Makoto as
Satsuki Hanabusa as
Sennosuke Andou as
Vanilla as
Caramel as
Cafe as
Chocolat as
Tennouji Mari as
Honey-sama as

Rin Kagamine
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« мαιи ¢нαяα¢тєяѕ »

S A K U R A x Y U U K I - (14 years old)

sakura-chan (ichigo/rumi), young mistress, lady sakura, kura-chan (aunt)
~likes training, baking sweets, studying, passion with sweets~
~sweets partner is kyandi // living with her aunt~
~demon contract w/ Ciel Phantomhive & Sebastian Michaelis~
~personality :: sweet, kind, loving, adorable, cute, funny, likes ciel, clumsy~
A w/ Kashino, Ichigio, Satsuki, Andou, and Ciel


kyandi-sama ~ royal patissiere
~likes being with Sakura, loves Naru // her ability is fruits, chocolate, cream~
~younger sister of Vanilla~
~lives in sweet kingdom~
~best friends with Honey-sama & Maple & Chocolat~
~partner is Sakura~


Naru-sama ~ royal patissiere
~ likes kyandi, sweets, hanging out with Sakura-san's sweet spirit~
~ his abilities is earl gray and dark chocolate ~
~best friends with Cafe, Maple, Caramel, and Vanilla~
~lives in sweet kingdom~
~partner is Ciel Phantomhive~

Maple-sama ~ royal patissiere
~ likes being around with kyandi alot // her abilities is blueberries jelly, fruits ~
~ lives in sweets kingdom ~
~ Best friends with Kyandi ~
~ partner is Sebastian Michaelis ~
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Sakura was with her parents been driving back home until a drunk man clash onto them leaving the girl still survived she got knock out pretty bad when she woke up she saw her parents blood on the car. She also the driver that killed her parents. She was sad and started crying. "Mama! Papa! Please wake up." She whimpers shaking her parents dead body and she glance at the drunk driver until he realize he saw her and killed her parents. Sakura glared at that man even though she was very small she wanted revenge for her parents death. I wish for a revenge to continue my dreams as a patissiere jus tlike mama and papa. And a vegence for my parents death who killed them. She wished she didn't know that drunk driver was gone. The police arrived and saw a poor girl on the ground with her parents. Unknown to her, two shadow figures were walking the girl she is like about 13 years old.

"Do you have a relatives, sweetie?" A female cop asked kindly. Sakura nodded yes. "My aunt her name is Annalise Midford-Yuuki she lives in Japan." She said. "Does your aunt by any chance own the Le Sweets Cafe in Japan?" A female cop asked again. Sakura nodded yes happily. "I will contract your aunt to come and pick you up. I'll send you to the airport to get picked up alright." Sakura nodded happily again.

Third POV
"Is that her who summon me, Sebastian?" A blunette boy with an eyepatch and red eyes said. "Yes Young Master. She is about 13 year old about your age young master." A man with red hair and red eyes answered. They decided to reveal themselve in the airport to Japan. The blunette frozed when he heard the midford name. It was the day when she left Osaka, Japan to Tokyo to move with her aunt she just 14 years old.
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001練習の登録の前に // Practicing before Enrolling

London Airlines to Tokyo, Japan
Sakura sat on the chair waiting for her plane to arrive luckily she gave out her cookies to the female cop to have it. Two figures came toward her, the blunette said to the girl who look up clueless making it such adorable look which made him blushed. He cleared his throat and introduce himself, "My name is Ciel Phantomhive, and you had summoned me. If you make a contract with me I can fulfill any goal that you wish to accomplish, and you will get protection from any danger, but in return I get your soul once the contract is completed. And the gates of Paradise will no longer open for you." He finished his speech and glanced at his butler. "My name is Sebastian Michealis, I am Young Master's butler...." The tall man with tailcoat said with the same speech as Ciel. Sakura nodded she understands.

"Hajimemashite! Ciel-kun and Sebastian-san~ I'm Sakura Yuuki. Soon to be Patissiere~" Sakura said happily. Sakura notice her plane has arrived and gotten a ticket make that three tickets. She even brought two more tickets for them with her savings from her parents. Sakura skipped toward the lady with tickets and gave hers and she remembered her seat she gotten first class one. Ciel and Sebastian just follow her and saw her seating in first class seating. Even though she is only 9 years old with two demons tagging with her. She took out something from her bag it was cookies she made when her parents were still alive. Her family own a Le Sweets Cafe (10 Stars) very popular and she is heiress to it but her aunt is works in the cafe. She didn't like when people make her desert she wanted to make her own then asking someone else to do it for her. She remembered what her mother told her about entering in St. Marie Academy in Japan in order to go there she needs to practice at least 3 days to be in it.

"We will be landing in Tokyo, shortly..." All she packed was baking sweets cookbook and her clothing and ingredients in case there aren't anymore in the cafe. She even texted her aunt that she is coming shortly with two people with her. Arriving in Tokyo, Japan... Sakura was the first to get her bags and stuff. and spotted her auntie. "Kura-chan over here!" Sakura rushed and jumped on her aunt arms and giggle happily. "Oh my you've grown." Her aunt knew that her niece contact with two demons which is fine with her. She once contract with a demon before it turn her into a demon. "Obaa-chan~ I brought a cookbook that okaa-san and otou-san brought before they passed away~!" Sakura look so happy to be with her aunt while the other two demons followed. "Once we get home, Kura-chan go and practice before I dropped you to St. Marie Academy.." Her aunt cooes her.

« ѕαкυяα'ѕ αυит нσυѕє »
House View
Sebastian's Room
Sakura/Ciel's Room
Sakura's Aunt Room

Once they arrived in her aunt's house, leaving her aunt and her two butlers do the work while she got in and rush to her room and stretch her legs and sleep. She didn't know that she has to share room with Ciel. Her aunt tour the two butlers... "This will be your room... And you young man can share with my niece room." The blunette blushes as the other one just chuckles. Ciel sighed and walked into the bedroom with his mistress and notice this room is huge has more than one space. He jaw dropped at this view he is seeing and his surroundings and notice his young mistress resting. He went to rest a bit after all he is only half-human and half-demon. Within 2 hours, Sakura got up and put on her sleepwear outfit on. As she put on her slipper and walk downstairs to cook dinner. She went to the kitchen and started cooking she even put the apron. She thought of something, I'll make my favorite curry. She thought and got the four box of curry and open it and turn on the stove and put water in it and wait for a few minutes she went to the living room and turn on the television and went back to the kitchen and pour the whole pack of curry on each box and pour it on the pot. She went to the rice cooker and took out the inside and use a cup of four cups of rice and pour it in and put four cups of water inside and she close the lid then put it right next to the spoons, forks, and plates and plugged and when back to cook curry. Once its done she gets a seperate plates and scoop the rice and put it on each plates. She also wash her dishes then went to get a flour and other ingredients and strawberries and chocolate bars she brought recently. Then she set forks and spoons near the plates and the drinks. Sakura went to boil for tea. She pour the water and the tea together on the teapot and place four cups on the table and the teapot too. Then she started to make dessert later. She went to call for her aunt and her two butlers to eat. She got to her aunt's room and knock on the door and said, "Auntie its time to eat~" "Alright I'll be down." Then she went to knock on Sebastian's room. Sebastian opened the door and looked down at his young mistress, "yes?" he asked. "Food is ready on table. Tell Ciel to come down." She said to him. Sebastian nodded. Once she told everyone to go eat. She went downstairs and went to grabbed her plate and tea and put it on the counter. She started eating and once she is done she wash her dishes then started the dessert. Her aunt came downstairs, "Yum Curry~" Her aunt started eating. Until Sebastian and Ciel went downstairs and started eating.

Sakura is almost done she just need to cut pieces of strawberries and smash them like a liquid then she grabbed another pot and pour rhubarb and grabbed some chocolate and started melting it on another pot. Then she started stiring until it was cooked including the rest and lay it down flat pour it on each cups make it look like this. "Here's the dessert..~" Sakura said and place them on the table. Sebastian and Ciel looked shocked and took a bite. She just ate ice creams thats it and went to turn off the television and went to sleep. For a 14 year old she is better than Sebastian. Ciel thought and smirked. But since the school called when they came home, Sakura can go to school early then 3 days. So she went to set up her uniform and her stuff.
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002 学校の早期初日 // Early First Day of School
Aunt Anna went to wake up Sakura its time to go to school. Aunt Anna went back to her room and started to dress up and started cooking lunch for her. Sakura got up and took a shower and came back until Ciel woke up and blushes deeply. She grabbed her uniform and dash inside the bathroom and she started to blush and started put on her uniform on. She even fixed her hair and she went out of her bathroom and notice Ciel wasn't in the room but inside Sebastian's room. She slipped on the stairs and landed on her face. She groaned. Ciel walked downstairs and frozed. Sebastian chuckles at this scene. "Hurry up~ Sakura your going to be late~" Sakura stood up and dusted her skirt and put on her shoe in. "Oh and bring that handsome boy with you he is going with you to SCHOOL!" Ciel went paled as Sebastian just chuckles. "And the other man I send an application to the school that he will be the new teacher!" Her aunt shouted which made Sebastian groaned. Two of them went inside the car.

Her aunt dropped them off as they walked toward the school. "Wow this place is huge." Ciel mutters as Sebastian agreed on it. "This is the queen of sweet spirits. Wicked~" She said. "They're spirits of this school. So you must be Yuuki Sakura, Ciel Phantomhive, and Sebastian Michealis, two new students and one new teacher am I right? I'm Katou Rumi. I'm your roommate Sakura-chii~ And the boys dorms will be on the other side. I came to fetch you three." Rumi said happily. What they don't know three certain fairy is watching them.

'Aw she is so cute~ I hope she and I can be best friends.' The fairy giggles.

'Never knew a demon butler be in this messed... But I'm sensing he is good with sweets. Hope I can be friends with him.' The fairy no.2 jollyful.

'This boy is just like me. Hope i can bear with him.' The fairy no3. mumbles.

"This is the girls dorm and right over there is the boys dorm. Ah! Satsuki-san can you escort these two males to their dorm and escort them back to the academy." The male with green hair and green eyes nodded as Ciel and Sebastian follow him. Rumi escort Sakura to her room and entered into the room. "And this is our room. My bed is on the left and yours is on the right. After that lets go to class shall we." Rumi said to Sakura said. She nodded.
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