"Certainty is far more important than Severity" Do You Agree or Disagree with this statement?
Posted 2/21/15 , edited 2/22/15
Do you believe that certainty is more effective than severity when it comes to punishment? I think so.
Posted 2/21/15 , edited 2/21/15

cocksuckermina wrote:

Knowing that you will be punished but not so badly versus not knowing if you will be punished but knowing it will be severe?

So no, if I get slapped with a ruler every time I cut class isn't much of an incentive. If the punishment doesn't serve as a deterrent it hardly is useful.

I think severity is important as well, but why would I commit a crime if I knew I was going to get punished? This is a quote often used in death penalty debates, but I feel as if it should get it own thread since it is not always about the death penalty.

I'm not saying it's one or the other.
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