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Post Reply Central town.
Posted 3/4/15
At a little Restaurant Rika claps in delight. "That's 3 for 3. I won all 3 matches of checkers. That's my pay for this delicious lunch my dear waitress ." The waitress has a little frown knowing the meal will have to be paid from her tips. "Oh don't be like that. I'll tell you what. Bring me some wood or crystals or both and I will make you some unique board game pieces you can sell." (Waitress) You would do that for me? Thanks. Forget all the nasty things I said about cunning elven tricksters."
Rika: "Nobody likes to lose. Besides it's a win win for me. If people like the game pieces you sell, I will have a trade in this town. And you won't have to keep paying for my lunch." Rika says with a wink.
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