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Posted 2/22/15 , edited 2/22/15
So yesterday I updated to the latest version of the android app but am now regretting it. On the plus side I noticed that things are HD now which is nice. On the down side playback is extremely choppy, buffering never seems to be fast enough, audio loses sync with video, playback controls are extremely slow and unresponsive (I can tap pause several times before it will pause 10 seconds later), I cannot skip ahead or it will never buffer properly, the app crashes or becomes unresponsive. Even if I pause an episode, it does not continue to buffer. This seems to be the cause of the choppy playback as it does not buffer until the video is playing, but it cannot buffer fast enough. This does not always happen. Maybe 1 out of 3 episodes will start out choppy but after a minute it will buffer a few minutes ahead which is enough of a lead to let me watch the rest of the episode without problems.

Device is a Nook HD+
Wi-fi (speedtest app shows around 30mbps down)
Cyanogenmod 11
App version 1.1.2

Things worked perfectly until I updated.
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The Void
Posted 2/22/15 , edited 2/23/15
I think it's clear that we need a complete fix with the app.

Also surely the coders know all about the Adverts that aren't even based off location and deliberately annoying? Please fix the app. I, and many others, almost beg of you.

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