Would you like to see an option to sort/view anime/manga/live in Romanji?
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Posted 2/22/15
I am very grateful to Crunchyroll for what they have done to spread aspects of Japanese media to so many of us. And for listening to us.

That said I am curious why there is not a Romaji option. When I learn of new titles, frequently I know them by their Romaji name first. And I was curious if I was the only one who thought that way.

If it was possible (and not a heavy drain on resources/i.e. cost) would you like to see that option? Granted if the cost of this would be in lieu of new media then by all means scrap my suggestion
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Posted 2/22/15 , edited 2/22/15
Yeah, it bothers me personally if I'm familiar with the western version of the title of one show, and not aware of the Japanese one, or vice versa... because someplace it could be under one title, or the other. I admit that I've used western and romanized japanese titles interchangeably, but overall i just prefer to know both versions to simplify things.

Though absurdly long light novel titles I personally prefer to see abbreviated in romanized form, because absurdly long titles are absurdly long; i.e. Oregairu & Oreimo are much easier to remember than their longhanded counterparts.
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Posted 2/23/15
It can be useful since I check AniChart for summaries and titles for the season, but it's not too big of an issue for me.
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Posted 3/5/15
Sure, I'm Game.
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Posted 1/18/17
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