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Posted 2/25/15
I just signed up and am very interested in the product, but, I really like streaming on my consoles. The PS4 seems to be pretty buggy. If you scan ahead with the R2 button, and let go, it appears to do just freeze at the intended second marker. which is fine. You click "x" and it starts going at 2x speed which is not so great. Click X it pauses. Click X again it goes 2x speed. Click it again, it pauses. Click it again it's normal speed. (or maybe I had to go back and forth with the L2/R2 buttons to get to the same spot and try again) It is pretty frustrating. Maybe I am just not understanding why it's doing this 2x speed to begin with.

I also think that if I am watching it on my computer, and stop at a minute marker, and then load it up on my PS4, it would be nice if it remembered where I left off.
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