How good is CR about getting agreements for whatever animes they can?
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Posted 2/27/15 , edited 2/27/15
Was going through the list, contemplating whether Id be up for buying into premium membership, and was noticing some older animes have entries but no episodes. I get its a legit site so uploading things without permission is a no go.

so how good is the site about getting agreements with publishers? as far as maybe some older series go or less watched (for instance Rocket Girls or other less well-known animes).

just wondering, since there are quite a few animes listed here that dont have a license im guessing for their episodes, which is sad because they are shows I havent seen anywhere online in YEARS. And it would be sad if so many animes were to just dissappear forever from online

(also, on a title-of-series kinda scale, where does CR put the cutoff for the series they upload? like kill-la-kill/PS&G/Highschool of the dead levels of maybe not entirely audience friendly at times, or gantz [not a fan of gantz personally but its one of the few I can think of "up there" in the "bad to upload on sites with children around" kinda shows)

anyway, yeah, hope this is even in the right forum, also sorry for being a long post.

Just trying to get familiar with the feel of the site and whatnot before deciding on the premium.

*edit* also, do subs tend to be fairly acceptable? like thoroughly translating everything being said? Got tired of alot of youtube/netflix official publisher uploads because theyd only have subs for half the dialogue, and only if it was extremely plot important, everything else being deemed "not worth translating", again, just wondering.
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Posted 2/27/15 , edited 2/27/15
CR's mission is to try to get every simulcast they can (they don't always succeed because Funimation can outbid them by adding the additional licences to dub and distribute on disk for the titles that they think will be viable to sell.

CR doesn't spend the money on dubbing, that can add as much as 100K to a single 13 episode show. Instead, they focus on getting more titles, which the then stream subbed.

In my observation, there seems to be less focus on acquiring catalog entries of non-current titles, although they do get a few here and there where the opportunity arises, and of late, a few of those titles have been big hitters (Fairy tail, One Piece, GTO). Look on the /lineup page near the bottom for what they have gotten for the current season.

If you're hoping for the to pick up everything that has ever already gone by, I don't think you'll see that. What you will see (again, my observation, not official) is mostly what comes out going forward, except for what Funi goes after.
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Posted 2/27/15 , edited 2/27/15
Pretty sure CR wouldn't have a problem streaming anything that can make it to air on Japanese TV. Not sure how graphic the uncensored episodes of Terra Formars were but they were aired here for a limited time after their release.

Missing episodes can happen when the show isn't licensed in your region, the license is several years old and has expired, or the company on the other side of the license went belly-up (like when all Bandai's shows here got zapped).

And I haven't personally had a problem with the subtitles that I can recall.
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Posted 1/17/17 , edited 1/17/17
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