ScrewAttack's Samus vs Boba Fett Battle Dedicated to Monty Oum
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Posted 2/27/15 , edited 2/27/15

I thought this was nice for them to do that, you'll see in this video there are some parts that'll remind you of Monty's earliest work, Haloid

Plus, a beautiful and moving tribute at the end.

Rest in peace, Monty. We still miss you greatly...
Posted 2/27/15
I felt it was sorta obvious who would win, I mean, Samus has a power bomb. That's enough to kill a mini boss in one hit in Other M and annihilate a mother metroid lizard. Not to mention she faced numerous other bounty hunters as well.
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Posted 2/27/15
I don't want to be that person... But, it was most likely a order given to them by RoosterTeeth since RoosterTeeth now ownes ScrewAttack.

Anyhow, we all miss you Monty!
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Posted 1/18/17
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