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Posted 2/28/15 , edited 3/1/15
Taylerbob: I really like Parasite the maxim, it goes from 0 to 60 real fast. It is a bit gory in some areas, which kind of remind me of Attack on Titan which isn't a bad thing all in all I would give it a 8/10.

Raeger: The show is so good I have gotten a couple non anime watchers addicted to it.

Premise: For some unknown reason parasites have descended upon the world and have begun taking humans as hosts, giving them the ability to shape shift, turn parts of their bodies into weapons as hard as steel and in a general sense kill stuff, all for the low price of no control and supposed death. These parasites don't only take over the brain or even just humans, this is what happens to are MC who has a parasite in his right arm and is subsequently hunted down by the other parasites because they don't trust him.

Opening: The animation behind the music is beautiful and doesn't contain any major spoilers except the mutations of a few people. The song is mild until, what I think is a metal, twist happens, then there is a lot of screaming. (Music isn't my forte.)

Animation: At most points the animation is solid but what the hell are those CGI students?! They look horrible! Also not a spoiler because there is almost a school.

Characters: The main character is Shinichi Izumi (First, last) who as mentioned is the victim of a parasite. He gives me the feel of that main character that is nice but not really capable, then becomes a total boss. Next is his parasite (yet to be named) who attempts to take over his brain but screws up causing him to end up as a right arm. This causes Shinichi to change in many ways, firstly his mental fortitude quickly increases seen in a conquering of his fear of bugs, his hand is also stronger and faster now, it can also morph, nothing you didn't expect. Murano is the next character we meet, she is the very obvious love interest, past that we know nothing. Tachikawa is the last high schooler introduced and is apparently an old friend of Shinichi and a mutual friend to Murano.

Ending: The ending is a slower number that fits the background images, said background images aren't much though, still shots depicting everyday scenes in the city. The one with the most images is four frames. There is also a really nice pan of a tree. There is some English, and yes English not Engrish. (If you didn't get I'm saying it is pronounced well.)

Will I keep Watching: What? Sorry busy with episode two but I guess this needs finished. I don't know why you wouldn't keep watching, this premise is amazing and has a lot of promise, I have to see it progress.

Sorry this took so long and that it is kinda short but we had some stuff going on, I also think it is a significant improvement from my essay on Log Horizon. Thanks for reading and remember to tell us what you thought of Parasyte!
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Posted 3/8/15 , edited 3/9/15
I am assuming because this was posted 7 days ago you should be up to date with episodes :). I am a fan of this one. I'm always looking forward for the new episode.
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Posted 3/10/15 , edited 3/10/15
Oh I am definitely up to date on it! I had to stop myself so I could at least say something for the first reations!
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