"Death" or the Ultimate "Losing" of Your Main Character
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Posted 3/1/15 , edited 3/1/15
There are some potential spoilers below, read on at your own risk.

Curious thought came upon me as I closed in on the ending of Tales of Xillia 2. I'm not sure why I never thought of it this way, whether I was too young or too inexperienced in life before, or just some other odd reasons, but for the first time in a game that I loved very much I accepted the losing of my main characters.

Tales seems to have a thing for killing/sacrificing/"spiriting away" the main characters. Tales series are also exceptionally good at building the characters to grow on you, even with the voiceless Ludger who is arguably the most boring character Tales has ever conceived. Ludger nonetheless managed to grow on me as the story progressed. Being a veteran of the Tales franchise, I can easily predict that either Ludger or Elle will die, or both, and Milla already stated that she would have to return as well.

Maybe it's just mindless imagination or having a sense of closure for the "better." I always hated the thought of having the main characters die, or know that they have to leave the party at the end of a game. I know, I've finished the game, it doesn't really matter since there's no further content, but I don't know. In a really good game, seeing my main character gone leaves some thoughts with me. For example, Persona 3 Portable, Final Fantasy (good chunk of them), and many other great titles ultimately make you part ways with your main character, or another character that has an extremely strong personality and is very memorable. Aeris rings a bell?

From the perspective of narration, plot and development, the death of the main character or otherwise "heavily loved" characters can be a strong and effective tool. It's just both funny and strange that for the first time, it occurred to me that finally I'm not bothered with this anymore. Am I just too old for it? I don't know.

As I'm sure most of us have played some great games where we had to bear with the loss of our beloved character(s), what went through your mind and what are your thoughts on this idea?
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