Post Reply Call to Cosplay: I loved this. Here are some things they could improve.
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Posted 3/2/15
I really enjoyed the first episode of Call to Cosplay. I loved the restrictions of the contest. The 4 hour time limit. The limited selection of supplies. The required materials. All of that makes for a very interesting contest. I think the concept is very strong, but there are some execution issues. I feel like there should be better mics on the cosplayers. There were some really weird camera choices made. I think during the judging process, there should be a picture of the character the person is cosplaying alongside the final costume so people at home can compare the final effect to the original concept. I'm glad the judges mentioned some of the safety issues that came up.

Otherwise, this was an extremely enjoyable show, and I'll enjoy watching the next episode.
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Posted 4/10/15
One thing they need to fix asap is the constant lateness of almost every episode.
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