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Posted 3/2/15 , edited 3/3/15
if you have already made three characters but you still want more, fill out the create a character form and stick it here
you only get another character if you are have a elite warrior or higher status ( the more you are roll playing in clueless the better chance you have of becoming a elite warrior)
hope to see you out on the battlefield
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Posted 3/4/15 , edited 3/5/15
Character Name:Veronica Rosenburg

Age:unkown looks like 16 years old

Gender(Male(boy) or Female(girl)):female

Species ( human, witch , vampire etc.) :vampire

Job (only if you want one and please say where): none
School or work (or none, you slacker ) : student


Skills (if u have any):swordsmanship

Powers (you can have up too two) : mind reading,magic

Likes:art and playing on piano

Dislikes:womanizers, commoners

History: Sylvia older sister and the next head of the family,as the futute head Veronica was strictly raised to be a proper lady she was has also a fiancee choosed by her father(more will be revelated during the rp)


Team (optional) Stompers Crusaders, Banshees Nightmares, Dawn Avengers and Black Knights:

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